Friday, May 7, 2021

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TSB Canada investigation: Collision of two bulk carriers after dragging anchor

TSB Canada issued an investigation report on the collision of the bulk carriers Golden Cecilie and Green K-Max 1 in the Plumper Sound, British Columbia, in March 2020. The Golden Cecilie suffered dragging anchor due to heavy winds, the report reveals, stressing that the crew did not follow established procedures to ready the vessel for impending adverse weather conditions. 

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Lessons learned: Serious fire onboard caused by faulty electrical device

Hong Kong MARDEP shared the findings of a serious fire accident, which took place onboard the accommodation of a Hong Kong registered bulk carrier whilst at anchorage. The investigation showed that the fire was most probably caused by a faulty electrical device or its accessories in a crew cabin which led to a short circuit with the heat and sparks igniting the materials placed beside it.

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