It is known that the shipping industry has marked a steady rise in mental health issues among onboard employees, and the incidence of reports has risen rapidly during the 2020 pandemic.

Through their partnership, both sides will pay attetntion to mental health issues and how to reduce them.

As Johanna Kull, who works as a Loss Prevention Executive at Alandia, explained:

“In a situation where uncertainty is mounting and suicide numbers are steadily growing, we need to find adequate support mechanisms to curb the trend. No one should be left alone to tackle these problems. Luckily, tools are available for building resilience. There are many ways to gain and maintain mental health – together".

In light of the situation, collaborators created a mental health training package, which provides practical tools for crews and shipping organisations for tackling mental health risks. Specifically, the package includes:

  • Toolbox with pre-made meetings for use in groups on board the vessels. This toolbox also includes a facilitator guideline.
  • Online training available for single users.

"Mental health is like a muscle and as such it can be trained like a muscle. Therefore, we have created a training program that helps seafarers to exercise that muscle. Our training program is available to our customers but also as a lighter online course to anyone who needs to boost their wellbeing and resilience, since we feel that any alleviation should be accessible to all".

...Martti Simojoki, Senior Loss Prevention Manager at Alandia concluded.