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ISWAN: A great leader is more than just hierarchy

A recent survey conducted by ISWAN highlighted the importance of social interaction onboard and how senior officers and the power of a great leader are more than just being higher in the hierarchy. 

Safety and wellness in the work place: A critical connection

Having a safe working environment, not only concerning physical hazards, but also psychological hazards is important so that you support the employees. The psychological hazards category is the new kid on the block. Up to now, organizations were aware of the physical hazards. How easy is it to adapt to this new category of wellness and not stick to the traditional one?

Working in shipping in the post-COVID era: What will be the same & what will change

The pandemic has radically changed our lives; now everyone wishes for life to restore to normal, but we all know that the post-COVID era will have no resemblance with the past. With the vaccinations now occurring across the globe, health officials are optimistic about the outbreak, but the pandemic won’t be over anytime soon. So what that means for shipping? What changes have been affected and what should we expect in the near and long term?

Leadership skills you should apply to social life onboard

Being a leader in business is a powerful tool that helps you motivate and inspire others. Adding leadership skills in your social life onboard will help you build stronger relationships with crewmates, improve the feeling of trust and communication and boost your mental health.

Seafarers’ isolation: The chronic disease

Isolation has always been an aspect of life at sea and one of the main arguments for all those refraining from a potential seafaring career. What are the main drivers of this isolation and how has this been redefined in the era of COVID-19?

INTERTANKO updates its Crew Welfare Management and Mental Wellness guide

Firstly launched in early July 2020, INTERTANKO Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC) developed guidance and recommendations on crew welfare and mental wellness for crewing managers and shore-side staff. Following extensive use and feedback, the ‘Crew Welfare Management and Mental Wellness’ guide has now been updated and is presented as a second edition.

Book of the month: Handling anxiety in times of crisis and beyond

Anxiety is a typical feature of modern life and COVID-19 provided an ideal ground for it to flourish. But how many of us know how to handle it before it leads us to bad decisions? A new book came at the right time to create a refreshing look at the reality of anxiety in modern times.

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