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24/7 support service for working seafarers and families

Seafarers Hospital Society has joined forces with the Big White Wall to provide mental health and wellbeing advice and support service to working seafarers based in the UK who may be struggling to cope. The service has now been extended to the families of working seafarers, with the Sailors’ Children’s Society (SCS). 

Fighting against COVID-19 stress: key mental health resources

Life onboard is facing new challenges amid the COVID-19 crisis, as seafarers have to be extra persistent when it comes to their hygiene routine, they have to be cautious in case of an infected person onboard, while the whole shipping industry, such as flag States, companies and masters, have to collaborate to ensure seafarers’ safety and follow measures for the virus’ containment.

Sailors Society suspends operations for an initial two-week period

International maritime charity Sailors’ Society announced that is now offering to seafarers virtual chaplaincy as it stops its port activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Charity informs that is halts operations in all 90 ports, beginning for two weeks, in the light of the increased spread of the virus and the World Health Organization (WHO) activating an international state of emergency. 

Femfi focuses on seafarers mental health issues

According to the Manila Times, Far East Maritime Foundation Inc. (Femfi) in Philippines, held a mental health awareness campaign for seafarers, so as to avoid suicide incidents. Specifically, the initiative addressed how to ensure seafarers’ ability to work productively while improve their mental health.

7 tips to cope with COVID-19 stress

The feeling of unknown and the discussions around the rapid spread of the COVID-19 have a huge impact on the health and psychology of people, who are concerned about themselves and their loved ones. Thus, to deal with the stress arising from the coronavirus issue, it is advisable to follow the tips below.

AMSA issues guidelines on fatigue

Fatigue has been a much discussed issue linked to the nature of seafaring, which can have serious consequences not only for the safety and health of seafarers, but even operational safety and the marine environment. In this regard, AMSA issued guidelines to address fatigue for Australian and foreign flagged vessels. 

US Navy to use ‘Big Data’ to address suicide

To enhance its suicide prevention efforts, the US Navy has decided to develop a ‘Culture of Excellence’. This effort aspires to combine existing and new programs to develop resilience, trust and connectedness in all members of the service. 

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on Crew Health

This time, our special column, in association with The North of England P&I Club, sheds light on crew health. Health is the most important thing for anyone, let alone seafarers due to their challenging job. Rest hours, working out, food, better accommodation and mental health, are all key elements towards ensuring a healthy lifestyle.  For this reason, we asked maritime experts to make their assessment whether the industry has taken significant action towards


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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