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ITF Seafarers’ Trust launches new OSH training program

ITF Seafarers’ Trust launched a new three stage occupational safety and health education program for port workers in Aqaba, Jordan. Specifically, this program features an app based awareness raising component followed by face-to-face training and work place assignments- and is designed to increase worker participation in the OSH agenda, complementing company initiatives where they exist creating a safer environment for both dockers and seafarers visiting the ports.

Mental Health First Aid: A game changer to improve our seafarers’ lives?

Mental health is an important component of physical wellbeing aboard ship. Yet seafarers have often suffered mental distress alone and isolated due to the stigma attached to mental illness and the lack of understanding in how to react to a seafarer in crisis. In this third of Gard’s series of articles on mental health of seafarers, Sandra Guiguet shares her personal experience and training in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA).

Crew wellbeing is the key to right service delivery

V. Group highlights the importance of wellbeing onboard, highlighting a healthy life onboard positively affects the customers, as seafarers will be happy conducting their work and the results will be positive. Therefore, the company announced that they will celebrate seafarers throughout the year, referring to ways that can improve their mental and physical wellbeing onboard.

Three tips to deal with obesity onboard

13 January 2020 marks the “National Obesity Awareness Week” in the UK, in efforts to raise awareness on the “overweight issue” that severely impacts the lives of people and most importantly those of seafarers’, as it poses a barrier for seafarers during their duty and heavily impacts their health.

Watch: Study calls for action on seafarers’ wellbeing

A research by Cardiff University explored mental health and well-being among seafarers. The key finding was that more than half (55%) of employers asked said they had not introduced any policies or practices to address mental health for a decade.

Understanding Fatigue: Don’t let stress run your life

While it’s healthy to have some stress in our life, too much can be detrimental to our well-being. Stress is actually our body’s automatic reaction to threat and is essential for survival. It makes its appearance when someone feels overwhelmed and unable to cope with a situation. However, these feelings can result in reduced work performance and health problems.

Year in Review: Top shipping stories to remember from 2019

If we had to choose one – or maybe two – words to describe 2019 for the shipping industry, these would be: human-focused. Despite the fact that 2020 sulphur cap was on everyone’s mind this year, we saw many significant developments in key human areas. From mental health issues, to women in shipping and safety culture, the industry seems to be putting its people first, trying to boost equality and – most importantly – safety.

HRAS: Wider industry awareness on human rights at sea is vital

On the occasion of these important developments in 2019, Mr. David Hammond Esq., Barrister (Non-Practising), CEO, Human Rights At Sea shares his insights into achieving greater equality, justice and freedom within the maritime industry in the next years, highlighting that not much progress has been made so far while wider awareness on this important topic is of outmost importance.


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