Work in the 2020s: 10 essential skills for a successful career

With a new decade upon us, new requirements are also emerging for employees worldwide. The current work landscape is already largely affected by increasing digitalisation, while the COVID-19 pandemic will certainly leave its mark even after its end. One question remains though; what are the most essential skills for the new decade?

How to build a future-ready workforce through upskilling

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a projected loss of 195 million jobs, a vast array of jobs will and has already been significantly affected. Despite the public health issue that the pandemic has imposed, it also forces the entirety of the workforce to think differently, outside the box, making them adapt in order to excel in their carreer. Upskilling comes to give the solution to this problem. A continuous learning and training mindset will give each individidual the tools necessary for every period of time, in order not to be left behind as the world advances. But, how exactly does upskilling work?

More focus on proper maintenance and operation of lifesaving equipment is needed

Mr Iasonas Lalizas, Marketing Communication Manager, Lalizas Hellas highlights that periodical trainings of the crew, onboard visual product inspections and maintenance are key practices for the proper operation of lifesaving equipment on board and refers to safety challenges that lifesaving equipment manufacturers face.

UK bursary fund for seafarers training doubled

The Maritime Charities Group (MCG) has doubled its bursary fund for seafarer training, an initiative launched in November aimed at UK-based merchant seafarers who are facing redundancy as a direct result of Covid-19. 

Wallem deploys cloud-based simulation for crew training

Maritime solutions provider Wallem Group has selected cloud-based simulation from ARI Simulation for training of its 7,000 seafarers. This seeks to ensure that training, assessment and certification can continue without disruption during and after the pandemic.

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