The three aspects of intelligence and how they translate in business

The traditional concept of Intelligence (IQ) is vastly attributed to a person’s genetics, but the most recent concepts of social and emotional intelligence are skills that can be acquired during lifetime. Which of them is a more valuable tool in the business environment?

NTSB investigation: Vessel fire spreads to marina, kills 8 people

NTSB issued an investigation report on the fire and explosion on the houseboat Dixie Delight which spread to Jackson County Park Marina, Alabama, in January 2020, killing eight people. The report highlighted that marinas should have measures and guidelines in place to prevent such incidents. 

NTSB issues four recommendations in USS Fitzgerald collision

The National Transportation Safety Board issued Thursday four safety recommendations in its final investigation report of the fatal collision between the US Navy destroyer Fitzgerald and the container ship ACX Crystal. These include the need of training on collision regulations, as well as review and revision of bridge resource management training.

Watch: International offshore wind training partnership launched

Bristol Community College’s National Offshore Wind Institute (NOWI) has entered a global partnership with Maersk Training to take the next step in basic safety training and basic technical training programs certified by the Global Wind Organization (GWO).

RMI investigation report: Poor compliance with SMS leads to fatal fall overboard

RMI issued an investigation report on a bosun’s fatal fall overboard from the general cargo ship DELICATA, off Uruguay, in March 2020. The investigation identified poor compliance with the company’s SMS and safe working practices, as the crew member was not wearing a lifejacket or a safety harness when he descended to untie a pilot ladder. 

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