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Wellness at sea: Is life onboard getting better for seafarers?  

Less than two months after the maritime community celebrated the World Mental Health Day putting suicide of seafarers in the spotlight, a new Yale study came to confirm concerns of suicidal thoughts among the world’s seafarers, at a time when the Seafarers Happiness Index reveals an increase to crews happiness globally.

Nautilus: IMO 2020 creates new criminalization risk for seafarers

With the much-debated IMO 2020 regulation taking effect in less than a month, Nautilus International issued a warning over a potential new wave of seafarer criminalization. The IMO’s 2020 regulation speculates that ships must run on fuel containing no more than 0.5% m/m of sulphur unless there is a scrubber installed.

ISWAN supports imprisoned seafarers in Nigeria

As ISWAN’s Regional Programme provides support to seafarers and their families in South and South East Asia and Nigeria, it now provides support to the crew that was arrested by the Nigerian Navy for illegal bunkering, through their time in prison, as well as after their release. 

SafeMetrix MET-3S set to release soft skills assessments in Tagalog and Greek

A significant step towards continuously ensuring the provision of fair and unbiased assessments that give equal opportunities to all seafarers around the globe is on the horizon for SafeMetrix, a product line of Safebridge. The platform is set to broaden its prospects, aiming to target the Philippine and Greek markets.

China pledges income tax relief for oceangoing seafarers

As part of its major tax reforms for middle-and low-income groups, the Chinese government pledged to reduce income taxes for oceangoing Chinese seafarers, to make seafaring jobs more attractive and boost domestic shipping sector. 

People focus: Diabetes and the seafarer

Today, 14 November is World Diabetes Day. Gard’s Christina Tsouni, Claims Executive, Piraeus and Alice Jackson Amundsen, Vice President, Arendal, join in the effort to raise the awareness among their readers of the risks of the disease, particularly to seafarers, and recommendations for life-style changes that can reduce these risks.

New York revokes restricted shore leave policy

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office in New York had announced a new Shore Leave Policy to restrict shore leave to crew members in the New York/ Newark port area. The new policy was to have come into effect on November 1st, however the policy has been revoked.

Long working hours, isolation risk seafarers’ mental health

A research conducted by Cardiff University, sets out to explore mental health and well-being among seafarers working in the international cargo shipping industry. Long working hours, isolation and extended periods away from home, put seafarers at risk of poor mental health, the study finds.

Mental health and seafarers: It’s time to talk

In the first Gard Insights series, Kunal Pathak, Loss Prevention Manager, Asia, Singapore covers the topic of mental health of seafarers, discusses what can be done to break the taboo surrounding mental illness, as seafarers live and work under more challenging conditions than most of us.


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