It was reported that the fire was caused by an explosion on the Stolt Groenland while was berthed at Yeompo Quay, with 25 people aboard. The fire then spread to the Bow Dalian, with 21 aboard.

The two vessels are believed to have been conducting ship-to-ship transfer operations and the explosion to have been caused due to cargo overheating; However there are contradictory accounts in the media. It is also possible that the explosion was not caused by the operation as the Bow Dalian was taking on nitrogen and the styrene cargo on Stolt Groenland may have exploded instead.

According to Reuters, the ten injured were terminal workers; one of them is from India and the other nine are South Korean, including one in a critical condition.

According to a statement from Stolt Tankers, the fire aboard the vessel is now extinguished and all seafarers aboard the vessel have been safely evacuated with only one minor injury reported to one crew member who has now received medical attention.

Moreover, it was stated that emergency responders will continue to maintain a cooling water spray over the ship, which remains stable, overnight. Moreover, the vessel Bow Dalian, which moored alongside at the time of the incident, has now shifted away from Stolt Groenland. The exact cause of the incident is still unknown.

It was also noted that

Stolt Tankers would like to express its deepest concern about the incident and any potential impact on those that were on board or in the vicinity of the two vessels. The safety of all people on site and the protection of the environment is paramount to the company’s operations.


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