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South Korea to support building of LNG bunkering ship

South Korea will support a business building an LNG bunkering ship with 15 billion won (US$12.4 million). The country plans to financially support the business building the bunkering ship by covering about 30% of the total cost.

South Korea issues ECA and vessel speed reduction programme

Brittania P&I Club reminds of the South Korean Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (“MOF”) announcement about an air quality control programme that defines selected South Korean ports and areas as Emission Control Areas (ECA). 

South Korean sailors injured after grenade explodes during maritime drills

During a maritime drill, six South Korean Navy Sailors were injured on Tuesday, March 3, when a grenade exploded inside a high-speed battleship, with the reasons remaining unknown. It is stated that from the 30 sailors onboard the vessel, two were severely injured and four others sustained light injuries. All sailors were transmitted to nearby hospitals.

Explosion at Lotte Chemical plant injures 31 people

A total of 32 people were injured after an explosion at South Korea’s Lotte Chemical plant at Daesan Port, in the southwestern city of Seosan, which made the company to shut its naphtha cracker. 

S. Korea to support shipping companies amid coronavirus concerns

South Korea will take additional steps to support local shipping companies and passenger ferry operators, amidst increasing concerns over economic impacts due to the global spread of the new coronavirus. Specifically, South Korea will distribute 60 billion won (US$49.7 million) for passenger line operators and port cargo handling firms

Women in maritime at the centre of IMO-South Korea symposium

Removing barriers to women joining the maritime sector, as well as the importance of education and how to increase visibility of women in maritime leadership roles, were some of the key challenges under the spotlight at a major symposium at IMO Headquarters in London, on 19 February. 


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