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Equinor, Korean partners to create offshore wind project in S. Korea

Equinor, Korea National Oil Corporation and the Korean power company Korea East-West Power have established a consortium to develop the floating offshore wind project Donghae 1 off Ulsan in South Korea. The consortium is now starting the development of a 200MW floating wind farm, which will be located near to the KNOC-operated Donghae natural gas field off the coast of Ulsan in South Korea.

Divers find 13th body after Danube collision, 15 remain missing

At least 13 people are confirmed dead after the fatal collision of two tourist boats on the Danube River, Budapest, on the evening hours of 29th May. Divers discovered the 13th body in the wreckage of one of the pleasure boats, Wednesday. Another 15 people remain missing, while seven were rescued. 

HMM unveils new Corporate Identity

South Korean shipping company Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) announced today the launch of its new Corporate Identity, in a bid to reflect its vision and ambition for the future, according to HMM CEO Jae-hoon Bae.

Watch: Maersk Hamburg is the first big vessel entering port of Haifa

Preparations at Haifa Port Company that included the acquisition of two new STS cranes for the transporting of containers with such wide beam (21 rows) and dredging the areas by the piers of the Carmel Terminal in the port to meet the immense draft of the ship, gave the Carmel Terminal at Haifa Port the capacity needed to accept the Maersk Hamburg.

SHI may seal the deal for the construction of a FPSO

As Samsung Heavy Industries reported on Monday, April 22, it signed a contract with an Asian shipping company, for the construction of a storage and offloading unit that will cost 1.1 trillion won, under the term that the client’s move is supported by the partner and the government.

Sewol sinking: South Korea’s ferry disaster

16th April marks five years after Sewol ferry sinking shocked the global community. Sewol ferry sank on 16 April 2014, in South Korean waters taking the lives of over 300 people, most of whom where kids on a school excursion. Four years later, in August 2018, the official panel investigation on the accident said it could not find exact causes for South Korea’s deadliest maritime casualty since 1970.

South Korea to focus on reforming shipping industry

The South Korean Ocean Minister, Moon Seong-hyeok noted that he will focus on enhancing the country’s shipping industry and adopt new technologies to advance its capabilities. The Minister also explained that these efforts will regard the fishery sector as well. South Korea will also focus on how to improve safety on local waters under the motto ‘Safety First, Safety Last.’


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