For this transport to run smoothly, the Port said that cooperation is required from all parties in the logistics chain. In addition, it prepares for a hard Brexit, which means that the UK will leave the EU without a deal.


In  order for everything to be ready at March 29, the Port aims to make customs as smooth as possible, by limiting the number of transit issues to England to an absolute minimum. Portbase will play a key role in this, which is the Port's Community System. This is a program to automate all customs formalities.

Moreover, the Port expects that for the first six to eight weeks some businesses will not be prepared enough and it is possible that they will not have their customs formalities organized yet. In such a case they will not be able to enter the gates of ferry terminals and they will have to go somewhere else to sort their paperwork. In order to make sure that these trucks are served properly, five temporary parking spaces are created on the north and south bank. This aims to give the trucks the opportunity to arrange their paperwork and travel to the UK.