New mental health awareness and wellbeing standard launched

On the occasion of Seafarers Awareness Week, the Maritime Charities Group, comprising 10 major maritime charities, has joined forces with the Merchant Navy Training Board to publish a good practice guide to designing a training course for seafarers on mental health and wellbeing awareness.

ILO urged to ensure proper identification of seafarer suicides

On the occasion of UK’s Seafarers Awareness Week, maritime charity Seafarers UK noted a lack of reliable source of information about suicides at sea. In this regard, the charity urged the ILO to consider steps in line with MLC, to ensure that all seafarer suicides are accurately identified.

Ships urged to sound horns at ports over crew change crisis

The ICS is encouraging ships around the world to sound their horns when in port at 12.00 local time to remind governments of the ongoing crew change crisis. This comes as seafarers are still not yet classified as Key Workers in many countries, meaning they are unable to embark or disembark ships due to national travel restrictions. 

UK to improve understanding of its coastlines

The UK Geospatial Commission has launched the Coastal Zone Mapping project. With representation from British Geological Survey (BGS), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Environment Agency, Natural England, Ordnance Survey and the UK Hydrographic Office, the project aims to create a better understanding of challenges faced by coastal data users and find new ways to overcome them.

UK to hold global summit virtually for seafarer protection

Marking the International Day of the Seafarer, the UK Government announced it will host the first international summit on the impact of COVID-19 on crew changes next month, bringing together UN, political and business leaders from across the globe.

Scotland eases seafarer quarantine rules

The Scottish Government has decided to amend regulations so Scottish seafarers no longer have to isolate for 14-days when returning to Scotland for more than 14 days of leave.


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