Port of Rotterdam

Smart Container 42 begins journey from Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam announced that its smart Container 42 will depart from the port today, May 24, for the first leg of a two-year data-collecting mission around the world. The container is equipped with an array of sensors and communications equipment; Also, it has been fitted with solar panels, which will be used to understand how much power a container can generate during a given journey by ship, train or truck.

Progress made in the construction of HES Hartel Tank Terminal

In recent months significant progress has taken place in the development of the HES Hartel Tank Terminal, a project of HES International. Environmental, construction and discharge permits to develop a 1.3 million cbm tank terminal for the storage and transhipment of clean petroleum products and biofuels in the Port of Rotterdam are irrevocable.

Saudi Customs eyes the first blockchain shipment to Rotterdam

Saudi Customs, in light of their partnership with TradeLens, experienced the arrival of their first shipment powered by the blockchain technology. The shipment left from the Dammam Port in Saudi Arabia bound for Rotterdam while its data and documents were handled by all parties to the shipment on a national single window, FASAH.

Port of Rotterdam secures cargo despite heavy winds

Because of the windy conditions in Rotterdam, the majority of depots use Windbreakers, a cat-iron coupling, developed by Windbreaker International, that connects the corners of the containers, enabling them to be protected and not vulnerable to wind.

North Sea gas fields to be used for CO2 storage

Three amongst the largest European ports, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Ghent, are planned to be used to capture and bury 10m tonnes of CO2 emissions under the North Sea. The aim of the project is to build the CO2 network in the port of Rotterdam by 2026, with work then to be completed in the following four years on a cross-border pipeline to Antwerp and the North Sea port by Ghent.

Manufacturer to construct its CO2 neutral plant in port of Rotterdam

Innocent Drinks, a leading manufacturer of smoothies and fresh fruit juices, will be the first firm to set up at Rotterdam Food Hub. This new, 60-ha industrial site on Calandkanaal was purposely developed by the Port of Rotterdam Authority to optimally accommodate companies in the ‘agrifood’ sector.

Rotterdam Offshore Wind Coalition reinstates cooperation

At the National Wind Energy Event at De Kuip in Rotterdam on 17 April, members of the Rotterdam Offshore Wind Coalition agreed to resume their collaboration. The companies in the coalition partner in marketing and branding, education and training, policy and lobbying, and acquisition and innovation. The coalition began in 2016 and for the past three years it has been supporting offshore wind-related projects.

Port of Rotterdam Authority partners with port Authority of Guangzhou

Representatives of the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the port Authority of Guangzhou, met in the Chinese port to establish their partnership agreement through a signing ceremony, on Tuesday, May 7. The joint collaboration sees both organisations sharing experiences and knowledge in the area of port management.

Port of Rotterdam launches new train connection for fresh products

Port of Rotterdam presents its new train connection for fresh products, taking a major step towards sustainability. CoolRail will begin operations from May 6; It’s about a train connection for fresh products. The CoolRail transmits products, three times a week, from Valencia to Rotterdam.


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