Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam, Evides Waterbedrijf for drinking water supply

Port of Rotterdam shake hands with Evides Waterbedrijf and inked a new contract to supply drinking water to the island shipping. Through their collaboration, the port will add a fourth drinking water boat to its fleet. In fact, the ship is scheduled to deliver water to the western port area.

Sediment problems within VLSFOs detected at six ports

As the 2020 sulphur cap entered into force, the shipping industry saw the introduction of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oils (VLSFOs), which has been increasing since October 2019. However, VPS notes that a rise has been observed in fuel instability leading to sediment formation from these fuels. 

Rotterdam launches “Port of Opportunities” event

Port of Rotterdam announced that during World Port Days 2020, “Port of Opportunities” is going to be the new theme for the public maritime event. Namely, the organization wants to show how important the freedom of the last 75 year has been for the port and the rest of the Netherlands’ development.

Next phase for geothermal energy research in Port of Rotterdam

According to a recent statement, Shell Geothermal BV together with the Port of Rotterdam Authority are jointly investigating the possibilities for geothermal energy in the Port of Rotterdam’s western section. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has issued the two companies an exploration permit.

Port of Rotterdam: Advice on dealing with inland container services

Chain parties in the port of Rotterdam launched a set of guidelines, providing recommendations to shippers and/or freight forwarders when it comes to influencing the development of a more transparent and efficient structure for the inland container shipping chain.

Port of Amsterdam, Rotterdam issue new Port Regulation

A new joint Port Regulation for Port of Amsterdam and Port of Rotterdam has been set into force on 6 January, 2020 according to both ports’ officials. Specifically it is the first time that the two ports in Netherlands joined forces on composing a Port Regulation.

Port of Rotterdam welcomes European Green Deal

The port of Rotterdam welcomed the European Green Deal which was presented in December 2019, commenting that it will boost Europe’s plans to tackle climate change and achieve its environmental goals. However, the authority seems sceptical of the Deal, commenting that “several of the measures stated in the Green Deal appear logical, but the detailing of these plans is still unclear.”

Rotterdam begins shore power trials for its coasters

Several days ago, the Municipality of Rotterdam along with the Port of Rotterdam have began shore power trials, in order to supply small sea-going ships with electricity in the center of Rotterdam, on Parkkade. Specifically, the trials will last about five months and for this period five different systems will be tested as well.   


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