Port of Rotterdam

Over 100,000 containers shipped through Intercity Barge

Since the start in the beginning of 2018, over 100,000 containers have been transported via the Intercity Barge shuttle service. With the Intercity Barge, customers can pick up and deliver their containers at the location of their choice. The Intercity Barge uses fixed windows at the ECT terminals, offering a sustainable and efficient transport.

Just-In-Time ship operations can cut emissions, test confirms

A desktop trial by members of the IMO-led GIA alliance at the Port of Rotterdam, on 10 July, verified that Just-In-Time ship operations can considerably help to cut emissions. This can be achieved by communicating in advance the relevant information to the ship about the requested time of arrival.

Watch: Mega trends impacting container industry

In the video issued by the Port of Rotterdam, Heinrich Kerstgens, Managing Director at logistics company Contargo, explains why current trends in the container industry will ask for heavy investments in digitisation and decarbonisation. 

Watch: How port of Rotterdam uses solar power

The Port of Rotterdam published a video focusing on the solar panels that are the port’s most sustainable energy sources, highlighting the importance of renewable energy and the sustainable development that will follow.

Containerships conducted milestone LNG bunkering operation at Port of Rotterdam

For the first time, a ship bunkered LNG in Europe during loading and unloading procedures. The bunkering took place at the RST terminal at the Prins Willem Alexanderhaven in Rotterdam. The LNG was supplied by Shell. The Port of Rotterdam Authority, who made the simultaneous bunkering possible, said that the operation fits in with its aim for the energy transition in shipping, from fuel oil to LNG.

Throughput in Dutch seaports achieve record levels

In 2018, the overall volume of incoming and outgoing cargo shipments to and from Dutch seaports achieved a historic high of approximately 605 million tonnes. This marks an increase of more than 1.5%, compared to 2017. In addition, at 4.5%, container transhipment also marked the highest increase, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) newly released figures.

Using synthetic bags to clean tank container

The Port of Rotterdam is working hard to reduce CO2 emissions. Under this effort, Mega-Inliner places a synthetic bag (inliner) in the tank container, thus saving the need to go to a cleaning station. This leads to a reduction in mileage, waiting times and cleaning agents, but also a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.


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