The voluntary slowdown applies to all tier 2 vessels, which includes any vessel not under pilotage:

  • recreational power boats,
  • fishing boats,
  • sailboats
  • tugs,
  • ferries, and
  • whale watching boats, among others.
  • deep-sea vessels, which already follow a speed restriction of 10 knots through the First Narrows Traffic Control Zone.

We first implemented the voluntary speed reduction because any vessel moving at high speeds can pose a danger to others. We are very pleased at the high level of participation over the past three months and, based on this success, we are extending the voluntary slowdown period until the end of 2018,

...said Stephen Brown, interim Harbour Master at the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

In partnership with other agencies, the port authority regularly assists to keep shipping lanes clear of small vessel traffic, as part of its effort to maintain the safe and efficient movement of marine traffic within the Port of Vancouver.

All boaters are encouraged to subscribe to the port authority’s marine operations email list to receive updates from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. This includes notification of changes and amendments to the Port Information Guide practices and procedures as they happen.