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USCG to consider evidence related to Mary B II casualty

The US Coast Guard is scheduled to conduct a formal public hearing beginning on 13 May 2019 at the Newport, Oregon City Hall to consider evidence related to the Mary B II marine casualty investigation. The capsizing of fishing vessel Mary B II led to the deaths of three fishermen on 8 January.

Mechanical failure causes fire on fishing vessel

NTSB published its report on the fire on board the commercial fishing vessel Ole Betts Sea, on March 18, 2018, in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The fire lasted for 16 hours, and the vessel eventually sank about 18 miles northeast of the island of Garden Key, Dry Tortugas, Florida. No pollution or injuries were reported. The ship was a total loss valued at $200,000.

Preventing subsea cables claims against fishing vessels

The Shipowners Club said it has encountered eight damage to property claims allegedly caused by the snagging of fishing gear on subsea cables over the last two years. The quantum of such claims is invariably high, sometimes reaching into millions of dollars. 

ETF joins project to improve the fishery supply chain

The ETF which represents fishers will collaborate with the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions on a joint project. EFFAT represents workers in the aquaculture and fish processing sectors. The key goal of this project is to establish a joint vision of how to boost and defend workers’ occupational interests all along the fishery supply chain.

Watch: Fishing vessel topples in Spanish repair yard

The video depicts the moment when a French fishing vessel toppled and fell while undergoing repairs in the Oza dock, in A Coruña shipyard, Galicia, Spain. The 34-metres-long ship went off the wooden wedges that supported it and fell on the dock in front of the workers who were present at the scene.

Sea Shepherd Legal, Gabon to tackle fisheries crime

Sea Shepherd Legal has collaborated with Gabon’s National Agency of National Parks to initiate capacity-building workshops, aiming to provide legal and policy support to multiple government agencies combating fisheries crime in Gabon, Central West Africa. The workshop series is called ‘Securing Gabon’s National Heritage: Policies and Practices to Eliminate IUU Fishing in Gabonese Waters’.

Blockchain could boost transparency in fisheries, says new study

Blockchain could boost transparency of the aquaculture sector by providing a means to trace and record the entire fish supply chain, according to a new report by DNV GL and Deloitte. The report suggests that data from the ‘bait to plate’ could be stored in a publicly available blockchain.

Remote electronic monitoring can end EU overfishing, report says

A report called ‘Legal Opinion on Video Monitoring on Fishing Vessels with Special Focus on Other Comparable Cases’ was published on March 7, showing that the use of video monitoring, or Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM), can be used on board EU fishing vessels to ensure proper catch reporting, and end illegal discarding of fish.

Fishing vessel sinking stresses issues related to loading practices

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) issued an investigation report on the sinking of the fishing vessel ‘Western Commander’ off Triple Islands, Dixon Entrance, British Columbia, in April 2018. The report highlighted issues related to safe loading practices and proper risk identification.

USCG: Unsafe stability condition led to fishing vessel sinking

The US Coast Guard released its report on the sinking of the commercial fishing vessel ‘Destination’, which took place on February 9, 2017. The 110-foot vessel sank while it was sailing in the Bering Strait, and six crewmembers died. The vessel’s unsafe stability conditions due to the carriage of heavier crab pots that exceeded the weight used in the stability instructions.


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