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Port of Vancouver expands geographic areas of ECHO program

The Port of Vancouver reminds the shipping industry that as of June 1 the commercial shipping sector is alerted to begin voluntarily slowing their ships southern resident killer whales return to Haro Strait and Boundary Pass to feed for the summer. 

Disruption at Port of Vancouver averted as longshoremen reach agreement

A lockout of longshore workers at the Port of Vancouver ended, as a deal was reached on May 30. The agreement prevented a potentially significant shipping disruption, as the workers’ union and employers association informed. The issue that led to the disagreement was the employers association’s introduction of automation that could lead to jobs losses.

Canadian port operations resume, ILWU and BCMEA reach agreement

According to local sources, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada (ILWU Canada) reached an agreement with B.C. Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA), preventing a shutdown at the majority of the major port facilities, located at the Canadian west coast.

Safe boating in Vancouver: The rules of water

As activity in the Vancouver harbour increases with more commercial and recreational boaters sharing the waterways, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and Vancouver Police Department Marine Unit issued guidance encouraging boaters to follow safe boating practices.

Infographic: Types of ships calling Port of Vancouver

The Metro Vancouver region is home to the Port of Vancouver, the largest port in Canada. Port of Vancouver-related activities help support more than 115,000 jobs in Canada and the trade of over $200 billion in goods annually. About 8 ships call on the Port of Vancouver every day.

Two cruise ships collide in Vancouver’s harbour

A cruise ship that came into Canada Place in Vancouver Harbour on May 4th collided with another cruise ship. As Holland America stated, which owns both ships, they rubbed against each other while docking stern to stern. Despite the collision, no one was injured and passengers left the ship as planned.

Port of Vancouver to formalize navigation channels for larger ships

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority announced that it has made amendments to the procedures described in its Port Information Guide. This aims to promote safety best practices within the Port of Vancouver. As the Port explained, these changes include replacing the current Vancouver and Approaches Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) with the English Bay Routing System (EBRS).

Port of Vancouver completes clean up of municipal waterways and shipping channels

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority announced the completion of its Fraser River Improvement Initiative. This is a two million dollar, five-year program that started in 2013 to clean up municipal waterways and shipping channels from derelict boats and structures along the Fraser River. Work on over 150 identified sites took place, with the port contacting owners and, where possible, working with them to ensure safe removal of structures or boats.


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