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Argentina targets vessels exceeding speed limits

The Argentina Coast Guard are taking action against vessels that exceed speed limits in the River Plate basin and Parana River, according to North P&I Club citing information from local correspondents Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L. 

Canada unveils 2020 measures to protect North Atlantic right whales

As part of its concrete efforts to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale over the last years, the Government of Canada now announced enhanced 2020 measures that will help reduce the risks to these marine mammals during the 2020 season from April to November.

UGS in favour of slow steaming for ships

During the annual assembly of the members of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Theodoros Veniamis, President of UGS, provided his comment on the 2020 sulphur cap, which is already in place. To reduce shipping emissions, UGS has backed the reduction of the maximum propulsion power of ships.

Speed Limits v Optimisation

In this article, Alvin Forster, Loss Prevention Executive, North P&I Club, addresses the issue of speed limits. As he says, this method has positively affected greenhouse gas emissions in shipping, but wonders if, after all, the speed limit is the answer for a greener sector.

South Korea introduces speed limits and ECAs for ships

In line with the stricter environmental regulations applied in 2020, South Korea has introduced domestically new environmental laws applying voluntary speed limits for ships and emission control areas, according to data provided by North P&I Club.

No appetite shown for speed reduction regulation

The IMO met in London this week, in order to discuss how the shipping industry can continue with its decarbonization plan. IMO agreed that a goal-setting approach is the best way to reduce carbon emissions in the short-term, while full details of the approach will be resolved next year.

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