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The Panama Canal implements speed limits to protect whales

Starting from 1st August and until 30 November 2019, the Panama Canal will implement speed limits aimed at protecting cetaceans, including whales, dolphins and other large aquatic mammals, during their nearby seasonal migration. As such, ships should proceed at a speed of not more than 10 knots in specified areas.

Canada fines ship for breaching speed restriction in Gulf of St. Lawrence

The Government of Canada has introduced several measures to address risks endangered whales face by marine shipping and fishing activity. For this reason, Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, fined one vessel $6000 alleged non-compliance of a temporary mandatory speed restriction. 

2020 and beyond: The Ship Operator’s Perspective

During the 2019 Hellenic American Maritime Forum in Athens, Mr. Panos Kourkountis, Technical Director, Sea Traders SA, focused on 2020 sulphur cap and the operators’ perspective regarding the GHG emission reduction. He noted that unless safe, cheap and CO2 free fuel is made available in the near future, the shipping industry must implement a combination of emissions reduction measures to achieve 2030 and 2050 goals.

Canada announces additional measures to protect North Atlantic right whale

As part of its efforts to protect North Atlantic right whales, Canada announced further measures to protect these iconic creatures, from 9 July. These measures include slowing down more ships in areas, increasing speed restrictions zones, increasing aerial surveillance, and funding initiatives to enhance marine mammal response.

More than 135 shipping lines slow their speed in Port of Long Beach

More than 135 shipping lines at the Port of Long Beach were applauded for voluntarily participating in Port of Long Beach ‘Green Flag Incentive Program’ which offers financial incentives for cargo vessels to reduce speed near the port with the goal to reduce air pollution. 

Non-compliance to St. Lawrence’s speed restrictions results to up to $25,000 fine

According to the Canadian Government, the Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, issued a statement based on unfortunate deaths of many North Atlantic right whales in Canadian waters; Because of this, he implemented a precautionary speed restriction of 10 knots, for vessels of 20 metres and more, that sail in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in the two designated shipping lanes north and south of Anticosti Island. 

USCG: Findings of Concern on high speed craft operations

The US Coast Guard released Findings of Concern on ‘High Speed Craft Operations Manuals,’ regarding an incident where a high speed catamaran passenger ferry allided with a rock jetty at over 30 knots, injuring 15 passengers.

Canada issues measures to protect killer whales

On 10 May 2019, the Government of Canada issued an Interim Order announcing a suite of new measures to be implemented this summer to protect the endangered Southern Resident killer whales from vessel disturbance.

Canada lifts navigation restrictions related to flooding

Canada announced the lifting of navigation restrictions in certain zones previously identified in Interim Order no.3 Respecting Flooded Areas, due to improved navigational safety conditions and following consultations with local authorities and law enforcement.


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