We now call on government to do deliver substantial investment to support its work, just as it has for aviation and automotive. Equally, there needs to be investment in greening our maritime infrastructure,

...the letter reads.

Signatories, including Maritime UK members and Carnival UK among others, stress that a strong and carefully managed Blue Economy will deliver prosperity for all people, particularly in island and coastal states at risk due to climate change.

This comes in line with a commitment by the UK government to decarbonization. In line with its Clean Maritime Plan launched in July, the UK Government has ordered all new ships for UK waters from 2025 to be designed with zero-emission capable technologies.

Commending the government's work on this field, the signatories noted that further investments are needed from the industry, as well as the government to reach full decarbonization by 2050.

They also asked the government to enact regulations to accelerate the achievement of this goal.

We believe that we can deliver sustainable blue economy with the combined aims of economic growth, societal development and the environmental protection of our marine and coastal environments. Already, maritime transport is one of the most sustainable ways of moving goods from place to place...Setting and delivering ambitious sustainability targets will stimulate new markets, products and services required to achieve our environmental goals.

Over the summer, a consortium of British companies, academia and government, formally established a new national centre for maritime innovation and technology (MarRI-UK). The first area of collaborative focus is Clean Maritime.

On the occasion of the London International Shipping Week 2019, the UK government announced this week a further £1 million for technology and innovation projects through MarRI-UK.