Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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CEOs from ferry companies focus on industry’s decarbonization

A study commissioned by trade association Interferry has revealed startling statistics on the far-reaching extent of the global ferry industry’s value to the world economy. Research into the latest pre-Covid full-year figures found that, in 2019, ferries carried 4.27 billion passengers – on a par with aviation – and 373 million vehicles across a worldwide fleet of 15,400 vessels. Among other findings, the industry provided 1.1 million jobs, contributed $60 billion to the world GDP and represented approximately 20% of shipping’s economic value to the European Union. The study was carried out by UK-based consultancy Oxford Economics, a world leader in economic impact assessment. It quantified three core channels through which the ferry industry drives economic activity and employment – direct support generated by the industry, indirect support generated within its supply chain, and induced support from ferry and supply-side personnel spending their pay on goods and services. Data was collected from a range of third-party sources and among Interferry’s membership of 260 operators and suppliers in 40 countries. Interferry CEO Mike Corrigan comments: ‘We already knew that the ferry segment punches well above its weight – it comprises only 3-5% of the total shipping industry – but the scale ...

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