According to data provided by the Gard P&I Club and correspondents Spica Services (S) Pte. Ltd, Singapore, the following information only relates to government requirements and any Class requirements when losing anchors must be followed up by the owner separately.

Documents required by the MPA

After the loss of an anchor, the below documents must be submitted to the MPA, followed by a separate letter of undertaking (LoU).

  • Master Statement of Facts covering the incident.
  • MPA standard form “Master’s authorization to appoint Solicitor” to be signed by Master and countersigned by agents and/or owners.
  • MPA standard “Report of a Marine Casualty or Marine Incident” form.
  • Vessel anchor specifications/drawing.
  • Class survey report.

Letter of undertaking

Following the submission of the above documents, the MPA will require a standard form letter LoU to be provided by the P&I club, H&M insurer, or their representatives. The quantum to be inserted in the LOU should reflect the costs to the MPA of handling the incident.  It is thought that this recent change in procedures will have a ‘trial period’ before a formal introduction.