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Rise of lost anchor incidents in Mississippi

Standard Club informed that it has seen a recent increase of incidents involving lost anchors, which are potentially related to high water levels in the Mississippi river.

RNLI lifeboat rescues vessel dragged anchor off Oban bay

On 11 January, a coastal freighter anchored in Oban bay, Scotland requested help from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) in Oban Station, as it was facing difficulties due to force winds. In light of the situation, Oban RNLI Lifeboat “Mora Edith MacDonald” was sent in the area to provide its assistance to the dragged vessel.

Proper understanding of anchor equipment limitations crucial

The Swedish Club shares lessons learned from a loss of anchor incident, which took place in heavy weather. The anchor and chain were lost and the vessel was not allowed to continue its journey until the anchor and chain had been replaced.

JTSB investigation: Dragging anchor leads to collision with seawall

While anchored in Yokohama, Keihin Port, a cargo ship dragged the anchor, drifted toward to the northeast, and collided with the seawall at Ogishima, Kawasaki section. Typhoon No. 24 was approaching. The Japan Transport Safety Board issued an investigation report on the incident. 

Do’s and don’ts when dragging anchor

A dragging anchor is one of the many unwelcome incidents a ship may encounter during its operational life at sea. Sometimes the anchor may drag, something that may not be in control of the crew. So, what rests for the crew to do is to recognize the signs of a dragging anchor: Early identification is the key to avoid accident-related to the dragging anchor situations.

Tips for right anchoring

Setting an anchor correctly with confidence and knowing that your boat will be safe in a well-secured anchorage, gives you a sense of relaxation without concerning to rely on mooring and marinas when cruising. Keep in mind that anchoring plays an intense role in boat handling skills.

Grounded bulk carrier off Falmouth Bay had no insurance

The UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the grounding of bulk carrier ‘Kuzma Minin’ in Falmouth Bay, in December 2018. The report highlights the unexpected pressures caused during salvage efforts due to the vessel’s lack of P&I insurance. 

Lessons learned: Towing wire failure in bad weather

In its latest Safety Digest for 2019, UK MAIB describes a case of a barge grounding due to failure of towing wire. With respect to this incident, UK MAIB advised that companies should therefore include a time frame for replacement of the towing wire eye hard socket within their operating procedures. 

Good anchoring practice during rough weather

Skuld P&I Club provided information on good anchoring practices, as the safety of anchoring can be affected by the wrong anchoring operations and the increased traffic of ships as well as undesirable weather conditions. An improper anchoring could cause damage and loss to the vessel, other vessels, property and the environment. 

NTSB: Barge’s anchor damaging underwater pipelines

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued an investigation report on the anchor contact of the Articulated Tug and Barge ‘Clyde S VanEnkevort/ Erie Trader’ with underwater pipelines which resulted in an oil spill and significant damage.