The 'Vision Trade and Logistics 2040' will be the starting point for discussions with the Dutch government on the goods transport agenda, labor market policy and the top sector policy.


For instance, the entrepreneurs will cooperate so as, by 2040, all transport over short distances by road and inland water to be emission-free and sustainable. The companies also want to collaborate on a workable but strong safety culture in the chain and have agreed that the sustainable deployability of staff in logistics will become the norm.

In addition to VNO-NCW, Evofenedex, MKB-Nederland and TLN, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is one of the signatories:

Only by doing a fantastic job of logistics service providers in the hinterland and from the sea side, combined with a high-quality railway, water and road infrastructure can the Rotterdam harbor flourish. And we have to keep it that way

COO of the Port Authority Ronald Paul, said.