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Barcelona Convention begins plans for Med SECA

During a meeting it was decided that a Mediterranean Sulphur Emission Control Area (Med SECA) is to be created by 2024, aiming to the protection of the Mediterranean region from shipping emissions. 

10 insights that the world is not on the same track with climate change fight

Despite the global efforts on tackling the climate change and looking for innovative ways to head towards a sustainable future, a newly-launched report “10 new insights in climate science 2019” highlights that the world is not on the same track, the actions that have been taken are not as fruitful as they should have been and the global leaders are not yet committing to the necessary emissions cuts.

Seychelles on track to tackle climate change

BBC reports from Seychelles, where a fisherman’s project funded by a pioneering marine conservation plan aims to to protect the oceans; the country’s main income resource, while balancing the demands of people’s livelihoods and what’s better for the environment.

Report presents features defining marine protected areas

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) launched several guidelines defining which are the protected areas and categorised protected areas through six management types and four governance types, also analyzing which are the features of specific areas that can not be classified as MPAs.

CMA CGM joins UN Global Compact

On the occasion of COP 25, CMA CGM announced its participation in the United Nations Global Compact, highlighting its position on environmental protection and its role in the industry’s energy transition. CMA CGM will lead the path towards the shipping industry’s goals concerning the environment and will enable the Group to commit to trade focusing more on the respect of human rights, climate and the environment. 

Port of Oslo set for zero emissions from shipping

The municipality of Oslo has made clear that the Port of Oslo has a plan to become the world’s first emission-free port. The port also has a contract with the marine tech firm, Norled in order to switch three ferries to electric power, with the first being delivered earlier in September.

UK Labour Party to impose windfall taxes to oil firms if elected, amid climate change

The UK Labour Party published its pre-elections manifesto reporting an £11 billion windfall tax on oil companies and delist procedures from the London Stock Exchange those who make no efforts in tackling climate change. In its manifesto, the Party discussed all urgent matters that affect the UK today, paying extra attention to the energy sector and the importance of moving towards more sustainable and green actions.

EU research and innovation projects for a more sustainable world

The European Union is taking great steps towards sustainability and protection of the environment, through a variety of EU-funded projects; EU’s effort in environmental protection includes research and innovation, to help achieve healthy, clean oceans and seas by 2030.

Vessels’ speed limits to have positive impact on the environment

A newly-launched study focuses on the importance of reducing shipping emissions and its benefits in favour of humans’ health, nature and the environment by reducing vessels’ speed. The report highlights that a 20% reduction in vessels’ speed would decrease GHG emissions, as well as curb pollutants that pose great risks on human health, as black carbon and nitrogen oxides.


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