MPC Container Ships now informed that for the first 3 vessels the scrubber retrofitting and commissioning has been successfully completed. The retrofitting programme is planned to be completed during the second half of 2019.


In addition, for 8 of the 10 vessels that will be equipped with scrubbers, the firm has concluded charter parties with major operators for periods of 2-3 years at attractive base rates plus a savings sharing mechanism.

This announcement came at the same moment when MPC Container Ships announced its enrolment in the Trident Alliance, a coalition of shipping owners and operators who share a common interest in enforcement of global sulphur regulations for the benefit of the environment, human health and responsible businesses.

Commenting on the development, Constantin Baack, CEO of MPC Container Ships, said that by joining the Trident Alliance enables the company to align with a like-minded industry peers, as well as support industry-wide calls for effective and transparent enforcement globally.

Earlier this summer, the Trident Alliance expressed concerns noting that it is essential for authorities to fully and effectively enforce the regulations if fair competition is to be maintained, and to protect environmental interests.

Trident Alliance emphasized that shipping is a global industry and therefore benefits from a global regulatory approach.