The collision between a cruise ship and a tour boat took place on Wednesday, May 29, in Danube River, Hungary. The incident resulted to 13 people confirmed dead, whereas 15 missing, up to now.

After the collision, the Viking Sigyn’s captain, a 64-year-old Ukrainian man identified by police as C. Yuriy from Odessa, is being held as a suspect. His lawyers said he is devastated but did nothing wrong.

South Korean Embassy defence attache Song Shun-Keun, reported that the ship might break up and bodies could be dislodged.

Therefore, Hungarian experts spend a lot of time figuring out how to lift the ship in a good balanced position.

Concluding, Hungarian special forces spokesman Nandor Jasenszky spoke to Reuters noting that divers fixed three out of the four straps needed, but were experiencing problems with the fourth one under the boat.