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Fire started on Golden Ray wreck during welding operations

Fire broke out on the wreck of the ro-ro Golden Ray in St. Simons Sound on January 19. When the fire started contractors were contacting welding operations inside the ship. Luckily, the fire was contained within the hull and was quickly put out by the contractor’s fireboat.

320,000 gallons of oil and water removed from Golden Ray

Notably, salvors have finished removing all the fuel from the tanks accessible on the capsized car carrier Golden Ray. It is said that more than 320,000 gallons of oil and water mixture were removed, while the St. Simons Sound Unified Command is still carrying out a forensic investigation in order to establish an accurate measure of the fuel onboard at the time of the incident and the amount discharged into the environment. 

Dutch company to salvage grounded chemical tanker off India

A Dutch salvaging company called ‘Marine Masters BV’, was chosen to salvage the grounded chemical tanker Nu Shi Nalini. The ship had broken loose from its anchor on October 25, and ran aground off India. The salvage operation, it is expected to last 30 days, while the offloading of the ship’s cargo is forecast to last up to 12 days.

Arctic conditions delay salvage operation for trawler until 2020

The removal of the Northguider trawler that grounded in early 2019, in a in the Hinlopen Strait, has been postponed for next year as announced by the Norwegian Coastal Administration, as the salvage company found out that the grounded vessel suffered more damage than what they initially expected. 

Salvage centre launched for Golden Ray carrier

The USCG launched a Unified Command and Joint Information Centre to be responsible for the salvage of the vehicle carrier ‘Golden Ray’, which capsized on Sunday, September 8. Their priorities are to ensure the safety of the public and responders, protect wildlife and the environment, ensure economical activities in the area of the incident are lightly affected and the eventual salvage and safe removal of the vessel.

Four remaining Golden Ray crewmembers rescued

When the Golden Ray car carrier capsized on September 8, four of its crewmembers went missing; The USCG began a search and rescue operation and finally rescued the remaining four crewmembers and transmitted them for medical care.

Refloating efforts continue for grounded Spanish warship

Refloating efforts continue after the Spanish Navy minesweeper ‘Turia’ ran aground off La Manga while participating in a search and rescue operation for a downed Spanish Air Force C-101 training jet. Installation of the outer balloons was completed on Monday morning.

Who is who at an oil spill: Roles and responsibilities

An oil spill is the potential adverse effect of most maritime incidents. Oil spills can have disastrous consequences, environmentally and economically. Oil spill response at sea is most times a complex procedure, because of the remoteness of the site or the number of interested parties.

USCG begins investigation into three tugboats sinking

Shortly after completing pollution response, the US Coast Guard announced it has begun an investigation on a major marine casualty involving three vessels sinking in the Illinois River near Hardin, on 5 July 2019. The vessels contained approximately 4,850 gallons of diesel fuel and oil.


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