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Two cruise passengers dead onboard Tallink Silja Europa

Two dead passengers were found onboard the Tallink Silja Europa passenger cruise ship, on October 20, while the vessel was anchored at a port in Tallinn, Estonia, under unknown causes. For the time being, the causes of the fatal incident remain unknown, as police are investigating the factors that caused the two passengers’ death.

RMI: Crew fatality from failure of extension platform

RMI issued an investigation report on a fatal fall onboard the bulk carrier ‘Penelope’ while underway in the Coral Sea in November 2018. A seafarer was standing on the extension platform for one of the ship’s provision cranes which detached and fell 8-9 meters.

New Zealand: ‘Prep, check, know message’ for safer recreational boating

New Zealand initiates its annual Safer Boating week, following a fatal winter that led to a number of boating deaths, as until now, 18 people have died in recreational boating accidents, compared to just four in the whole of last year, while 12 of this year’s fatalities have been since the end of March.

Piper Alpha: The world’s deadliest offshore oil disaster

Over 30 years after the Piper Alpha oil platform suffered multiple explosions off Scotalnd taking lives of 167 people, SAFETY4SEA analyzes the North Sea disaster which made the oil and gas industry to look safety in new terms.

Two workers die at shipbreaking yard in Bangladesh

Two workers lost their lives at a shipbreaking yard in in Bangladesh, on Saturday, October 12. According to local sources, the probable cause of the deaths may have been that they inhaled toxic gas. Dangerous shipbreaking in Bangladesh is a great area of concern for human rights organizations and working unions around the world, over the unsafe working conditions and polluting ship dismantling practices.

Drunk crew and structural issues result to ferry sinking

An independent commission issued an accident report concerning the loss of the ferry MV Butiraoi which was produced in response to the very strong calls from the public including the Kiribati House of Parliament, demanding answers to a number of very critical issues in relation to the foundering of the MV Butiraoi off the coast of Nonouti on Thursday, 18 January 2018.

1 killed, 3 injured onboard ferry due to rough weather

Grimaldi Group’s ro-ro ferry was sailing towards Porto Torres, when it experienced rough weather conditions, resulting to one seafarers being killed and three more being injured onboard the ro/ro Euroferry Malta vessel.

Crewmember dies onboard tanker off S. Africa

According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) a crew member died onboard a crude oil tanker on Saturday, October 5, of natural causes. The crewmember was taken to Shore at Mossel Bay.

MS Estonia sinking: One of the deadliest accidents in European waters

The sinking of the ferry vessel MS Estonia in the Baltic Sea marks the second-deadliest peacetime sinking of a European ship, after the Titanic, as well as the deadliest peacetime shipwreck to have taken place in European waters. At the time of the incident, the ship was carrying 989 people, of whom 852 lost their lives. When the MS Estonia sank it shook the shipping industry, due to its unprecedented extent in the number of victims, and the damage it was caused.

Chief officer dead after being struck by gangway

The Hong Kong Merchant Marine Department issued a marine information concerning an officer who was confirmed dead after being struck by the vessel’s gangway, after also denying medical treatment that the doctor proposed.


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