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Two dead after fishing vessel sinks in Oregon

US Coast Guard crews responded to a fishing vessel crew who abandoned ship in the early morning hours June 29. The vessel had struck the south jetty in the Siuslaw River Bar and was beginning to take on water.

TAIC investigation: Crew fatally struck while securing logs

New Zealand’s Transport Accident Investigation Committee (TAIC) issued an investigation report on the crew fatality during cargo-securing operations onboard the bulk log carrier Coresky OL, while at Eastland Port, Gisborne, in April 2019. 

Lessons learned from collision in Dangan channel

The Hong Kong Marine Department issued marine notice to draw the attention to ship operators to lessons learned from a collision between a fishing vessel and an oil tanker in Dangan Channel.

Crew found dead on cruise ship in a suspected suicide

A Filipino crew of the cruise ship ‘Harmony of the Seas’ was found dead outside her cabin in a suspected suicide case, bringing again the issue of mental health of suspended seafarers in the spotlight. 

Lessons Learned: Consequences of alcohol should be reiterated in SMS

The Ministry of Hong Kong issued a merchant shppping information about a fatality onboard a Hong Kong registered bulk carrier whilst at berth, where the electrical engineer, perhaps influenced by alcohol aftershore leave, took an improper route to board the vessel and fell into the sea.


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