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Lessons learned from fatal one metre

During hold-cleaning operations, the crew were using a ladder and a high-pressure water jet to remove cargo residue from the sloping upper hopper bulkhead. The crew member on the ladder lost his balance and fell backwards on to the tank top, striking his head. 

Man dead after going overboard from Color Magic

A German passenger from the ferry cruise ship Color Magic was found dead after falling overboard off Strømstad, in the North Sea, in the afternoon hours of Wednesday. Following notification at about 7:30 pm, Swedish Maritime Rescue Center sent a helicopter to search for a man overboard from the cruise ship. 

Chinese cargo ship sinks off Japan, 13 missing

A Chinese cargo ship collided with a Japanese fishing vessel, resulting to the former’s sinking. From the sunken vessel, one crew member was rescued, whereas 13 seafarers are still missing. The crewmembers onboard the cargo ship are of Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino nationality.

Captain dies as pirates attack tanker

Pirates attacked the tanker San Ramons off Venezuela, on February 24. During the attack, the Captain was shot in the head and subsequently died, while another crew was injured, and one is missing, after jumping overboard.

Three die as cargoship sinks off Zhoushan

Three people lost their lives, while three more are missing, as a cargoship sank in the Zhoushan sea area. When the incident occurred, the crew were thrown into the sea.

Two passengers of Diamond Princess die because of the coronavirus

Japan’s health ministry has informed that two passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died from the novel coronavirus. The news come as passengers from the ship that have been tested negative are starting to leave the ship after two weeks of quarantine.

Search operation in the UK finds body of missing seafarer

On February 15, HM Coastguard received a report of a potential man overboard from a gas carrier off Margate Harbour. After receiving the report, HM Coastguard coordinated an extensive search, which eventually found a body in the water.

RMI investigation: Fatality in enclosed space

A crew member lost his life after entering an enclosed space onboard the oil/chemical tanker LINUS P in an attempt to rescue another crew who had lost consciousness, in November 2018. The Republic of the Marshall Islands issued an investigation report on an enclosed space fatality onboard follow enclosed space entry procedures