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UK MAIB investigation: Skipper not wearing PFD dies after falling overboard

UK MAIB issued an investigation report on a man overboard incident from the single-handed creel boat May C with loss of one life off Scotland in July 2019. The investigation stresses that the chances of survival for the skipper would have been significantly increased, had he been wearing his PFD and carrying his PLB.

NTSB to finalize dive boat fire report

The National Transportation Safety Board scheduled a board meeting for Octοber 20 to consider the agency’s investigation of the fatal, September 2, 2019, fire aboard the dive boat Conception off Santa Cruz Island, California.

Longshoreman fatally injured at Ports of Auckland

A worker at the Ports of Auckland was killed in a shipping container incident in the early hours of Sunday, local media reported. The stevedore was working onboard a ship at Fergusson Container Terminal when he was fatally injured at about 2am.

RMI investigation report: Poor compliance with SMS leads to fatal fall overboard

RMI issued an investigation report on a bosun’s fatal fall overboard from the general cargo ship DELICATA, off Uruguay, in March 2020. The investigation identified poor compliance with the company’s SMS and safe working practices, as the crew member was not wearing a lifejacket or a safety harness when he descended to untie a pilot ladder. 

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