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Rescue boat drill ended with injuries due to lack of SMS instructions

In July’s monthly safety scenario, the Swedish Club presents the case of a vessel that conducted a rescue boat drill, and resulted to an incident as the company had no specific instructions in the training manual, SMS, PMS or in any other manual on how the rescue boat should be launched.

Lessons Learned: Consequences of alcohol should be reiterated in SMS

The Ministry of Hong Kong issued a merchant shppping information about a fatality onboard a Hong Kong registered bulk carrier whilst at berth, where the electrical engineer, perhaps influenced by alcohol aftershore leave, took an improper route to board the vessel and fell into the sea.

Investigation report stresses importance of berthing plan

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada issued an investigation report about a vessel sailing through the Suez Canal when it collided with a light fixture, resulting to the light mast being damaged, while the festoon rail on Crane 4 was bent over.

COSCO VLCC experiences engine problem off South Africa

SAMSA reported that the Cosco Shipping Energy Transportation VLCC Yuan Hua Hu experienced an unspecified engine problem while sailing in the Indian Ocean off South Africa, prompting an emergency response by multiple South African agencies.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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