marine casualties

South Korean sailors injured after grenade explodes during maritime drills

During a maritime drill, six South Korean Navy Sailors were injured on Tuesday, March 3, when a grenade exploded inside a high-speed battleship, with the reasons remaining unknown. It is stated that from the 30 sailors onboard the vessel, two were severely injured and four others sustained light injuries. All sailors were transmitted to nearby hospitals.

Chinese cargo ship sinks off Japan, 13 missing

A Chinese cargo ship collided with a Japanese fishing vessel, resulting to the former’s sinking. From the sunken vessel, one crew member was rescued, whereas 13 seafarers are still missing. The crewmembers onboard the cargo ship are of Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino nationality.

The mariner’s role in collecting evidence

In the latest issue of UK Club’s Lookout publication, Capt. Hiroshi Sekine, Senior Loss Prevention Executive, highlights the importance for mariners of gathering evidence from the ship, in the aftermath of an incident at sea. 

Port of Colonia handles vessel from nearly sinking

On 26 February, the fast ship “Atlantic Express” almost sank off Port of Colonia, across Rio de La Plat. In fact, it said that the vessel had been damaged during docking at the port, while it was carrying around 260 passengers onboard.

Ro-ro vessel hit by fire off Port of Santa Cruz

On 22 February, the ro-ro cargo vessel called “Volcán de Teneguía” reported a fire incident onboard, after leaving Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. In fact, the freight ship was loaded with vehicles and other cargo so as to deliver them to its final destination, Port of Cadiz, Spain.

Lessons Learned: Always double-check the passage plan

The Swedish Club’s Navigational Claims issue highlights the importance of double-checking the vessel’s passage plan to ensure that the vessel’s navigational path is correct according to all data entered into the navigational equipment. 

Cargo vessel grounds on channel buoys as no one monitors vessel position

The Swedish Club presents another collision incidents from its Navigational Claims issue, according to which a dry cargo vessel collided on channel buoys, as none of the seafarers onboard were checking the position of the vessel on the chart, radar, or by any other means than visually.