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Intercargo launches its 2018 bulk carrier casualty report

Intercargo published its Bulk Carrier Casualty Report for 2018. Intercargo calls all stakeholders to remain vigilant as cargo liquefaction continues to pose a major threat to the life of seafarers. The report focuses on bulk carrier casualties from 2009 to 2018 and provides an analysis on statistics and trends over the last 10 years.

Lessons Learned: Passengers should be seated to avoid accidents

CHIRP published its Maritime Feedback 54 focusing on a report detailing an incident where a wilful failure to fully comply with a safety briefing led to an injury to a passenger. The report focuses on the importance of keeping the passengers of a boat safe and the consequences when the passengers don’t fully comply with the safety rules.

Lessons Learned: Bridge should not be left unattended

In its newly published Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on an incident of a small general cargo that was grounded when its bridge was left unattended. The grounding woke the crew. A survey at the discharge port revealed that the vessel had extensive damage and it was removed from service for several months.

USCG alerts on confined space entry after three fatalities

The USCG has issued a Safety Alert on the dangers of confined space entry , in light of a recent casualty where three people were asphyxiated on a drilling rig (MODU). The Coast Guard says that Studies have shown that people often miss the obvious cues of a situation while under stress and because their focus is upon another effort or action that needs to be accomplished.

Watch: Fire at Petronas results to one slight injury

An explosion at a Malaysian oil refinery that belongs to state oil firm Petronas, took place on Friday, 12 April. The company was testing its facilities ahead of planned commercial operations later this year. Despite the fire the company noted that only one amongst the personnel sustained scratches and has already been discharged upon receiving medical consultation.

Crew training on enclosed safe cargo fumigation is crucial

The Hong Kong marine department issued an information note, concerning a fatality incident of two seafarers that entered a fumigated cargo hold of a Hong Kong registered bulk carrier. This Note draws the attention of shipowners, ship managers, ship operators, masters, officers and crew to the lessons learnt from this accident.

AMCF 2019: Is the industry coping with marine casualties?

The third edition of the Asian Marine Casualty Forum (AMCF) hosted by marine and engineering consultancy LOC, opened today, gathering almost 400 delegates from more than 20 countries, under the theme “Marine casualties in the 21st century – is the industry coping?”

Saudi forces save 31 crew members from burning ro-ro

Al Fayrouz, a Panama-flagged ro-ro vessel, caught fire on Monday, April 8, while sailing in the Red Sea. As reported by the Saudi Arabian Border Guards, the 101-meter was in international waters, 60 nautical miles off Saudi Arabia’s Farasan Islands, when the incident occurred.

Watch: Cruise ships assist USCG on finding three survivors

The US Coast Guard saved three survivors after a fishing boat went down on Monday, April 8, off Naples, Florida. The USCG was assisted by two cruise ships during its search and rescue mission and finally saved three fishermen.

Sunken duck boat had reduced bilge pump capacity

Based on documents obtained by the Kansas City Star, the Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle that sank in Branson, Missouri in 2018 had been refitted with less capable bilge pumps prior to the accident, with the U.S. Coast Guard’s approval. 


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