As explained, updating nautical charts requires hydrographic surveys in the areas Savonlinna – Rantasalmi – Joroinen – Varkaus – Oravi and in the area between Oravi and Pilppa Canal.

The surveys will be carried out during the open water seasons in 2019 and 2020 by IIC Technologies Ltd.

The work will be partly carried out by airborne surveys, to reduce inconvenience to residents caused by vessels operating near the shoreline.

The airplane will fly back and forth at an altitude of approximately 300–500 metres, following a predetermined line plan.

The survey vessels operate in accordance with a predefined line plan and have limited ability to manoeuvre and yield to other traffic.

Shipping and boaters are therefore asked to consider the work and yield to the vessels. To warn other traffic, the vessels have in their mast a blinking white light and the required daylight markings and lights to indicate their limited manoeuvring. Other watercraft should keep well clear of the survey vessels and avoid creating wash,

...Traficom noted.

 Meanwhile, fishermen should mark their gear with appropriate, clearly visible flags and markings to avoid damages to either party.

The Vuoksi is a river running through the northernmost part of the Karelian Isthmus from Lake Saimaa in southeastern Finland to Lake Ladoga in northwestern Russia.


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