Finnish-led consortium to expand e-fuel technology

A Finnish-led consortium focuses on the commercialisation of electrofuel (e-fuel) production with the use of sustainable electricity and sequestered carbon dioxide. In fact, the E-fuel research project is coordinated by VTT and is connected with the Neste Veturi Ecosystem.

Finland launches new icebreaker concept

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency recently launched a new icebreaker concept vessel named as "Calypso", equipped with a hybrid motorized…

Hydrogen ferries to soon operate in the Baltic Sea

The Finnish project development company Flexens Oy Ab will finish a feasibility study of the Power2AX project in November 2020. The project aims to implement green hydrogen production and use in fuel ferries in the Åland archipelago.

Passenger vessel runs aground in Finland

Viking’s Line ferry “MS Amorella” has run aground in the Baltic Sea off Åland, Finland carrying onboard approximately 200 passengers and 80 crewmembers.

EU to support Finnish maritime companies with aid scheme

The European Commission has approved a €600 million Finnish aid scheme to help the maritime companies in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak. The scheme was approved under the State aid Temporary Framework adopted by the Commission on 19 March 2020, as amended on 3 April and 8 May 2020.

Finland bans ferries entry amid COVID-19

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Finland informed that bans ferry passengers’ entry from 11 April until 13 May, in an effort to reduce the spread of the disease. Specifically, the border restrictions will be forced until further notice from the authorities.

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