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Damen invests on autonomous ship technology and collision avoidance

Dutch shipbuilder, Damen Shipyard, and US-based startup, Sea Machines Robotics, signed an alliance agreement to further investigate the adoption of collision avoidance functionality onboard Damen ships. The alliance aims at speeding up the adoption of several navigating technologies to increase autonomy levels on Damen-built vessels.

Navigational safety: the challenges for improvement – A P&I club’s perspective

Reading through the many accident reports that have been published by Flag States and other competent authorities, there are recurring themes of poor lookout, suspect decision making, poor passage planning, lack of situational awareness, fatigue and poor communication. In this article, Mr. John Dolan, Deputy Director, Loss Prevention at Standard Club examines why we have navigation-related accidents from a P&I perspective. 

Watch: Autonomous navigation system completes sea trials in UK

UK-based consulting services provider tpgroup has completed a sea trial of its autonomous navigation system, Northstar, demonstrating safe navigation of unmanned vessels in real-time and in a real-life environment, without human intervention.

Key Recommendations for Safe Use of ECDIS

OCIMF has published guidance on how to improve policies and procedures concerning the safe use of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS). SQE Marine issued a circular providing an overview of the key findings and sharing valuable respective recommendations.  

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