Mobilgard M420 can be used on vessels running on 0.50% or 0.10% sulphur fuels and is designed for medium-speed marine engines.


Moreover, Exxonmobil said that it can also help protect against deposits on under-crowns, crankcases, ring belts and camshafts. It also helps:

  • Extend the life of critical wear surfaces;
  • Optimise component life;
  • Minimise lubricant consumption;
  • Reduce maintenance and operational costs,

Mobilgard M420 is also proven for use with LNG.

This helps ensure that deep-sea and coastal vessels with dual-fuel engines can continue using a single lubricant irrespective of their fuel selection

Exxonmobil stated.

The lubricant will be available for supply from key hub ports such as Singapore, Houston and Rotterdam, effective as from August. Its availability will be expanded to more locations by the end of the year.