As local media informed, a carbon dioxide leak took place in the fire extinguishing system on the ship, while the third officer of the ship is suspected as responsible for the incident.

The police has now detained the suspect and is investigating the incident.

As of now, the identities of the dead and injured are not known.

What is more, a specialized team has been established to investigate the fatal accident.

The ship had docked for repairs and replacing the fire extinguishing CO2 pipes was among the actions that would be carried out.

China classifies accidents as serious if there deaths are 10 to 30, leave 50 to 100 people injured, or cause direct economic losses of between 50 million yuan (about US$7.46 million) and 100 million yuan.

The person or party responsible for the incident is possible to be punished with a fine of between 1 million yuan and 3 million yuan.