Atmospheric CO2 peak hits record in May 2020

Atmospheric CO2, measured at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, reached a seasonal peak of 417.1 parts per million for 2020 in May, the highest monthly reading ever recorded. This year’s peak was 2.4 ppm higher than the 2019 peak of 414.7 in May 2019.

Shipping represents 3.7% of total EU CO2 emissions

The European Commission recently issued its first annual report concerning CO2 emissions coming from the maritime sector. Namely, the report is based on data from emissions in 2018, reported by companies until September 2019.

Hapag-Lloyd drops its CO2 emissions by 50%

The German-based container company, Hapag-Lloyd recently announced that managed to cut its CO2 emissions per TEU/kilometre by 50% since 2008. According to the company, 95% of its vessels are in line with the IMO regulations, as they are all burning low sulphur fuel oil since the beginning of 2020.


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