PT TKSolusindo is an important Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) in Indonesia, a country made up of 17,000 islands, where domestic container trades are essential in the daily life of inhabitants.

The containers that were delivered from Chinese factories in Taicang and Qingdao, had installed Traxens' smart solutions. These now bring PT TKSolusindo, and its clients, full visibility of shipped cargo in the controlled-atmosphere containers throughout all logistical legs of the journey.


Traxens enable the owners to control costs and develop more agile business problem solving, while cargo owners can easily keep track of their containers, bringing improved business processes and decision making capabilities. In addition, the smart solutions also provide, reduced operational costs, improved supply chain efficiency, enhanced security and the opportunity to extend offerings to customers.

The whole shipping ecosystem, including ports, freight forwarders, insurance and financial institutions, can also benefit from the value-added data gathered by Traxens’ cutting-edge technology.

Glenn Manoppo from PT TKSolusindo commented

Traxens’s novel technology is a great addition to the services we provide to our customers, who are keen on staying informed about their cargo’s whereabouts and conditions at all times.