South Korea and Indonesia reach trade agreement

A preliminary trade deal equivalent to a free trade agreement has been agreed between Indonesia and South Korea. The agreement establishing broader economic cooperation is aiming to boost the trade between the two countries by almost 50% by 2022. The move which comes after a five-year break from negotiations between the two countries, is part of South Korea’s on-going efforts to expand exports in the area.

Detentions for ‘illegal anchoring’ in Indonesia continue

Vessels continue to be detained by Indonesian authorities while at anchor in waters around the island of Bintan. The ships believed that they had anchored at OPL Singapore, but had in fact anchored within Indonesian territorial waters. Earlier in the year, North Clun had informed that an increasing number of vessels are being detained by Indonesian authorities while at anchor in the waters around the island of Bintan.

Indonesian activists call Pentamina to provide info of the oil spill

Greenpeace Indonesia accuses Pentamina, state-owned oil major, that an oil spill from an oil well off West Java has polluted miles of beachfront and has disrupted traditional fisheries and calls the oil company to provide more information about the oil spill response and the safety measures taken on the nearby offshore facilities.

Indonesia ends search and rescue operations for missing Nur Allya

Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency announced that they are halting the search and rescue operations for the missing Indonesia-flagged Nur Allya. The vessel disappeared in late July. According to the authorities, the operations stopped on September 9.

One attempted armed robbery against ship off Indonesia

In its weekly report for 3-9 September, ReCAAP ISC informed of one attempted incident of armed robbery against the Panamanian-flagged chemical tanker ‘SG Pegasus’ while anchored at Tanjung Uban anchorage, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia on 7 August.

Indonesia bans nickel ore exports from January 1, 2020

As Reuters reports, Indonesia announced a ban on the export of nickel ore, starting in January 1 2020. Along with an energy ministerial decree, Indonesia supports its nickel ore export ban. The ban sees Indonesia to want to process more of its resources at home.

Project examines how satellite communications can support fishing in Indonesia

Inmarsat working with the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, its Department of Fisheries, the UK Space Agency and other partners marked the successful closure of a three-year fisheries innovation project. Using solar-powered satellite technology on smaller fishing vessels, the project aimed to improve safety, efficiency, ship to shore contact and offer possible fish stock sustainability improvements.