Specifically, MPA appointed Pole Star Space Applications Limited (Pole Star) as authorized testing ASPs to conduct conformance testing for Singapore ships and Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd (Fulcrum), part of CLS Group, Kemilinks International Pte. Ltd., in line with procedures and provisions set out in MSC.1/Circ.1307 (Annex A).

To remind, the SOLAS regulation V/19-1 which came into force on January 1, 2008, applies to all vessels engaged on international voyages, comprising of passenger ships (including highspeed passenger craft), cargo ships (including high-speed craft) of 300 GT and above, and mobile offshore drilling units. Ship owners or managers of applicable ships are to ensure that their shipborne equipment is LRIT compliant and capable of transmitting LRIT information.


Regardless of the date of construction, ships fitted with an automatic identification system (AIS), and operated exclusively within the sea area A1, are not required to comply with the provisions of SOLAS Regulation V/19-1 (LRIT Equipment).

The Authority informs that those interested to contact respective authorised testing ASPs to have the LRIT conformance test conducted.

Shipowners and managers should contact:

  • CLS Group - Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd (Fulcrum)
  • Kemilinks International Pte Ltd
  • Pole Star Space Applications Limited (Pole Star)


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