Specifically, the FS MARINE+ system was developed by the Germany’s manufacturer of fuel-saving additive, Fuelsave GmbH.

The development and trial phase which lasted for four years are now following the next phase of validation, after which it will find its way to six SAL vessels as a permanent installation.


The system injects a mix of hydrogen, water and methanol into selected parts of the air intake of both the main and auxiliary engines, ensuring a cleaner and thorough combustion process, which leads to the reduction of primary fuel consumption alongside lowering emissions and air pollution.

Sebastian Westphal, CTO of SAL Heavy Lift stated that they tested the prototype on a generator of their MV Annette, lasting for more than two years, adding that the FS MARINE+ system achieved crucial fuel savings, while also accomplished reduction in emissions and air pollution.

Marc Sima, CEO of Fuelsave stated that

With this system we are driving the clean fuel transition with a high impact solution. It can optimize the energy consumption and the environmental impact significantly irrespective of what fuel type you operate your vessel with. Thus, it is applicable with MDO, MGO, HFO, LSFO as well as LNG.

Concluding, SAL’s MV Trina is the first vessel to be retrofitted with the system in Q1 2020. Under the condition that the system succeeds, it will be implemented into five more vessels.