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USCG alerts on risks posed by small fish

US Coast Guard issued a marine safety bulletin to raise awareness concerning the small fish called “Gulf Menhaden”, which accumulates in ships’ sea strainers and cause loss or reduction in propulsion.

University of Portsmouth supports marine environment’s safety

The UK-based University of Portsmouth launched a new research center, in order to enhance the safety of the world’s marine and freshwater environment. In fact, the Centre for Blue Governance (CBG) goals to develop and conduct multi-disciplinary research to inform blue governance policies globally. 

AMSA alerts on risks posed by marine fauna

AMSA issued a safety alert aims to raise awareness on the risks posed by dangerous marine fauna. Australian waters contain a range of dangerous fauna that secrete toxins, inject venom, release or contain poison, harbour dangerous bacteria, give electric shocks or just have sharp teeth. Some can become aggressive once disturbed.

Canada unveils 2020 measures to protect North Atlantic right whales

As part of its concrete efforts to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale over the last years, the Government of Canada now announced enhanced 2020 measures that will help reduce the risks to these marine mammals during the 2020 season from April to November.

US Navy deploys marine mammal monitoring system

The US Navy is deploying an underwater acoustic sensor system to detect and track marine mammals that might be approaching Navy testing ranges, enabling Navy personnel to avoid potentially injuring the animals.

Amazon’s pink dolphins under threat

According to Reuters, the Amazon river dolphin known as pink dolphin located in Brazil, is under threat since fishermen are hunting and killing them illegally by making them bait for a catfish called piracatinga, which gathers fish that demand high prices in the city.

EU boosts to conclude treaty on high seas’ protection

On 28 and 29 January 2020, the European Commission organized an international event, focused on environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and strategic environmental assessments (SEAs) located in areas beyond national jurisdiction in Brussels. Namely through this workshop, EU will boost the conclusion of a treaty on the high seas.

NGOs launch rescue plan for healthy oceans by 2030

According to a recent statement, 102 environmental organizations, led by Seas At Risk, BirdLife Europe, ClientEarth, Oceana, Surfrider Foundation Europe and WWF are launching the “Blue Manifesto.” Namely, the rescue plan outlines concrete actions that must be delivered by set dates with the aim to “turn the tide on the ever-degraded and polluted ocean and coastlines.” 

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