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Cruise pier construction to severely damage coral reef

Campaigners are fighting a battle against the world’s biggest cruise lines, Royal Caribbean and Carnival, with a combined market value of $55bn (£42bn), which want to redevelop the Cayman Islands’ port to accommodate bigger ships. Namely, BBC reports that the cruise lines are leading Verdant Isle, a consortium, with the aims to build a $250m new pier and berthing facility on Grand Cayman.

US $106M fund to keep plastic off Asia’s Ocean

The investment management firm, Circulate Capital, recently announced the first close of the US$106 million Circulate Capital Ocean Fund (CCOF), world’s first investment fund dedicated to preventing ocean plastic in South and Southeast Asia and one of the ten largest ASEAN-based Venture Capital Funds in the market.

Vessels’ speed limits to have positive impact on the environment

A newly-launched study focuses on the importance of reducing shipping emissions and its benefits in favour of humans’ health, nature and the environment by reducing vessels’ speed. The report highlights that a 20% reduction in vessels’ speed would decrease GHG emissions, as well as curb pollutants that pose great risks on human health, as black carbon and nitrogen oxides.

Mombasa Port stakeholders take measures to tackle illegal wildlife trade

Last week, 76 port and maritime supply chain representatives from 12 countries got together in a Port Stakeholders’ Workshop to agree on measures regarding wildlife trafficking through Mombasa Port, the largest port in Africa and key exit point of African wildlife trafficking, highlighting the urgent need for action against illegal wildlife trade.

UK leads the 30by30 initiative in protection of the ocean

The UK announced in late September a new global alliance, 30by30 initiative, which aims to alert on ocean’s safety and protection of its wildlife, while pushing for at least a 30% of the global ocean to be protected in Marine Protected Areas by 2030.

Norway acquires tech-centre to focus on ocean protection

The World Economic Forum collaborates with Aker group, presenting the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Norway (C4IR Norway) aiming to harness advances in technology in protection of the oceans and improve shipping’s environmental footprint. 

UK sets Maritime Trade and Investment Plan to boost maritime

A strategy to advance trade and investment into the UK’s premier position for maritime businesses was launched by International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, on 17 of September. The Maritime Trade and Investment Five Year Plan focuses on five main areas.

Seismic surveys affect health of lobsters, study finds

A new study of the effect on marine life of seismic air guns, used in geological surveys of the seafloor, has discovered that the sensory organs and righting reflexes of rock lobster can be damaged by exposure to air gun signals. The damage was taking place at the time of exposure and remained for at least one year, even after the exposed lobsters moulted.

New initiative aspires to make ocean data available globally

One of the biggest challenges that the global marine research is currently facing is the lack of knowledge. In comparison to the innovation and research that takes place on land, data-driven marine research is far behind. The fact is that there are several smaller data initiatives and platforms in the world today, but not an all-encompassing platform combining it all. The Ocean Data Platform is an initiative aiming to change this.

USCG responds to three tugboats sinking on Illinois River

The Coast Guard reported that three vessels sunk on the Illinois River near Hardin, Illinois, Sunday, July 7. According to the coastguard’s statement, the sinking boats were holding about 4,850 gallons of diesel and oil.


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