Specifically, Safebridge is currently close to completing a project focused on the translation of the SafeMetrix MET-3S soft skills assessment and further advancements of the product’s platform. The project (ENTERPRISES/0916/0028) is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation.

As part of this project the company implemented various solutions to safeguard a high-quality professional outcome for this development. A number of various reputable translation experts were contracted to ensure comparable and professional translations of the assessments. Furthermore, a committee consisting of the maritime industry’s experts including Crew Managers and Maritime Officers from leading companies in the industry was assembled, so as to evaluate the results and to ensure the accuracy of the translations.

The final step of this notable project is the application and the actual implementation of the assessments in both Tagalog and Greek. The translated versions will be used for assessing a number of Filipino and Greek officers, and the outcome will form validity checks, as well as contribute to the development of a National norm-referenced group.

Furthermore, SafeMetrix is additionally enhancing the UI/UX and platform security, based on International Test Commission guidelines.

These substantial steps to further expand the SafeMetrix services and ensure the platform’s enhancement are proof of the high-quality, professionalism and quality assessments the platform aims to offer to its users.

The release of SafeMetrix MET-3S assessment is scheduled to take place in December, 2019. To learn more about the platform please visit www.safemetrix.com