To begin with, the following can be considered to-be-reported marine incidents:

  1. the death of, or serious injury to, a person;
  2. the loss of a person from a ship;
  3. the loss, presumed loss or abandonment of a ship;
  4. material damage to a ship;
  5. the stranding or disabling of a ship, or the involvement of a ship in a collision;
  6. material damage to marine infrastructure external to a ship, that could seriously endanger the safety of the ship, another ship or an individual; or
  7. severe damage to the environment, or the potential for severe damage to the environment, brought about by the damage of a ship or ships.

As noted, the general principle in any incident is that urgent steps on the ground, in accordance with ships’ and companies’ approved plans, must first be taken by the shipboard personnel and companies to prevent further deterioration of the situation with regard to safety of lives at sea and protection of the marine environment.

Once this is ensured, the owner, manager and shipmaster of the affected Singapore-registered ships should alert MPA of the incident immediately or at the latest, within 2 hours. Alerting MPA of the incident in a timely manner is paramount for Singapore as the Flag Administration of Singapore-registered ships for information sharing with other agencies.

This initial reporting to alert MPA on an immediate basis can take place before completing the detailed incident reporting format.

In addition, owners, managers and shipmasters of Singapore ships should submit the marine casualty or marine incident using the form (Annex A -attached in the PDF below) to the Director of Marine within 24 hours in accordance with the provisions of Section 1071 of the Merchant Shipping Act (Cap 179).

Failure to comply with this section without reasonable cause is an offence which carries a maximum penalty of S$10,000 fine.

In relation to the detailed reporting requirement, the Authority may, for the purpose of conducting post-accident investigations:

  • board and inspect the ship;
  • require books, certificates and documents to be produced;
  • muster the crew and passengers and require them to answer questions; and
  • require the ship to be taken into a dock for hull surveys in accordance with the provisions of Section 205 2 of the Merchant Shipping Act (Cap 179).

Failure of any persons to extend their fullest co-operation to the Authority in the conduct of investigations may amount to an offence.

Find the attached forms herebelow: