PSC detentions issued by USCG and AMSA is on the increase

The Liberian Registry, has recently issued two Marine Advisories to warn on the increase of detentions in the US and Australia.

Due to recently increased number of PSC detentions issued by USCG and AMSA to ships calling the US and Australia respectively, LISCR issued Marine Advisories 03/2015 & 04/2015 to provide guidance to ship managers / operators and crews in order to avoid such detentions.

Both the USCG and AMSA are looking for pre-existing deficiencies that are not reported prior to a vessel's arrival or at the time of their initial port State boarding.

In accordance with the Advisories detentions are avoidable, provided pre-existing deficiencies are reported and there is evidence that corrective action has been initiated.

In order to avoid detention and delay of the vessel's schedule the owners, operators, and DPA's are advised to follow the actions below:

1. Prior Arrival actions:

  • Require Master's and crew to report all defective and/or inoperable equipment, system, etc., and ensure corrective action has been initiated, in accordance with the Safety Management System.
  • Notify the Administration prior to the vessels port call of any defective and/or inoperable equipment, system, etc., so we are aware and can assist by authorizing additional time for repair or other alternative action, if needed.
  • Ensure the Administration is copied on the vessel's Advance Notice of Arrival (ANOA), in accordance with LISCR Marine Operations Note 02/2015.
  • Ensure the accuracy of the pre arrival checklist submitted to Administration

2. Items to be thoroughly checked on board in advance

The following are examples of pre-existing deficiencies that resulted in detentions and could be avoided if reported in advance and corrective action initiated (please click on the tables below for a larger view)

If the USCG and AMSA find pre-existing deficiencies without first being notified by the Master and, if appropriate corrective action has not been initiated, they will assume the owner/Master intends to sail with the deficiencies un-addressed and will issue a detention.

Actions required

The Administration should be notified with the vessel's Advance Notice of Arrival (ANOA) in advance of arrival of Liberian flagged vessels at ports in the U.S and Australia. In case of any defective and/or inoperable equipment, system, etc prior to the vessels port call, ship managers are advised to act immediately and issue an corrective action plan with corrective and preventing actions and appropriate root cause analysis in accordance with SMS and submit it to the Administration.

Further details and best practice guide may be found by reading the Circular issued by SQE MARINE


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