Risks hiding in retractable pilothouses on towboats

USCG informs on safety measures concerning retractable pilothouses used by towing vessel operators, addressing the risks during these operations and providing additional recommendations on efficiently utilizing retractable pilothouses.

USCG alerts on clear communication in TSMS

The USCG issued a safety alert providing information on the towing vessel community, highlighting the importance of maintaining clear communication with all the parties involved into their Towing Safety Management System (TSMS).

USCG issues DMDSS and DP Systems guides

USCG’s Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise (OCS NCOE) issued two publications, enabling the easy use for both guides through a smartphone, tablet, or device of choice leading to an efficient navigation.

Concern about icebreaking facilities on Great Lakes

As the Great Lake temperatures are falling as winter approaches and significant ice formation is expected, the Lake Carriers’ Association warns that the U.S. economy is facing potential job losses and serious financial implications, as the binational icebreaking assets continue to age and remain frozen in time.

USCG allows SpaceX to mark restricted navigation zones

The USCG’s Office of Navigation Systems (CG-NAV), officially announced its approval for a series of Automatic Identification System Private Aids to Navigation (AIS PATON), in order to set restricted navigation zones, near commercial rockets’ launch.

USCG celebrates women in US maritime with special issue

The US Coast Guard, in celebration of women in shipping, launched a special edition of its “Proceedings” series, featuring the contributions of women in the US maritime, highlighting the importance of gender equality.

USCG rescuer receives IMO bravery accolade for saving four

Petty Officer Michael Kelly, a rescue swimmer with the United States Coast Guard, received the 2019 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea during this year’s IMO Awards ceremony, on 25 November, after rescuing four survivors from a life raft from a sinking fishing vessel in heavy weather. 

USCG to initiate efforts that support a secure and collaborative maritime domain

The Office of Port and Facility Compliance of the USCG has announced the publication of an enhanced report on the status and work completed by Area Maritime Security Committees (AMSCs) for 2018. In particular, the 43 AMSCs submit an annual report to the Office of Port and Facility Compliance (CG-FAC) detailing their activities and common issues relating to challenges, suggestions, accomplishments and best practices. This report then helps CG-FAC and other program offices to create national strategies to address mutual problems and emerging threats.


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