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Towing vessel sinks on Mississippi River

The crew departed the vessel onto the towing vessel Ellysa with no reported injuries. The Ellysa also took the one empty barge the Vincent J Eymard was towing. The capsized vessel has approximately 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel onboard. As a result, a waterway restriction has been issued from mile marker 175.9 to mile marker 176.9 requiring one-way traffic.

Four lanchas arrested for illegal fishing in US waters

US Coast Guard law enforcement crews detected and interdicted four lancha boat crews engaged in illegal fishing of US waters near southern Texas, on from Sunday, March 11, to Tuesday, March 13. USCG stopped four lanchas with 20 Mexican fishermen conducting illegal fishing.

Subchapter M: A discussion from two perspectives

USCG informed of how Subchapter M may affect a towing vessel’s ability to be used as a resource provider in a Vessel Response Plan, from two perspectives: the towing vessel owner/operator and the VRP holder. USCG will begin enforcing Subchapter M towing vessel regulations, on 20 July 2018.

Two missing after towboat sinks in Mississippi

The US Coast Guard announced it suspended its search for two people that went missing, after the vessel they were aboard sank in the vicinity of mile marker 90.5 on the Mississippi River near New Orleans on Monday. Local forces searched about 101 square nautical miles for over 43 hours and found no signs of the men.

US Vessel Response Plan: When is it necessary?

VRP activation is an area of confusion for masters and response plan holders over the threshold for activating a response plan and which of their actions actually constitute plan activation. Christopher Friese, Commercial Vessel Safety Specialist, attempts to clarify when plan activation occurs and which situations require plan activation.

Crewman missing after falling overboard in Virginia

The missing 33-year-old crewman of the cargo ship ‘Lara Venture’ was last seen at about 2:10 a.m., Tuesday, when he reportedly fell overboard near Cape Charles, Virginia. The US Coast Guard has suspended its search, after covering about 112 square miles for 12 hours.

USCG assesses safety in Hudson ports and waterways

USCG issued the Hudson River Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment report from the workshops held in Poughkeepsie and Albany in November 2017. The workshops were held to provide stakeholders an opportunity to assist the Coast Guard in understanding navigation safety and environmental concerns on the Hudson River.

USCG calls operators to be careful as storm is expected in mid-Atlantic

The US Coast Guard advises operators in the mid-Atlantic region to be very careful, as a storm system is expected in the region, with winds of over 30 miles-per-hour and seas up to or surpassing 10 feet. Operators are also advised to stay up to date on the weather as conditions can change suddenly and with little warning.

USCG, BSEE to inspect cranes in Gulf of Mexico

The campaign, will take place this spring, and will involve interagency teams visiting multiple drilling and production units across the Gulf of Mexico. These teams will use a focused inspections protocol to evaluate safety, gather and provide data to BSEE’s Office of Safety Management.

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