USCG alerts stakeholders on software vulnerabilities

As the Microsoft released software fixes to address 49 vulnerabilities, the U.S. Coast Guard alerts maritime stakeholders and operators to address those recently-identified security flaws, in order to protect their business networks and servers, reducing the possibilities of a dangerous cyberattack.

USCG issues work instruction update on Sulfur Cap enforcement

In fact, it is said that the Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance (CG-CVC) released work instruction CVC-WI-022 with the aim to provide guidance to Coast Guard marine inspectors as well as port state control officers for ensuring vessel compliance with MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 14. 

Fire started on Golden Ray wreck during welding operations

Fire broke out on the wreck of the ro-ro Golden Ray in St. Simons Sound on January 19. When the fire started contractors were contacting welding operations inside the ship. Luckily, the fire was contained within the hull and was quickly put out by the contractor’s fireboat.

USCG reports fuel spill and search suspension of two missing

Following the incident of collision between a fishing vessel and a chemical tanker, the USCG issued an update informing of the suspension of search and rescue operations for the two fishermen missing and reporting of a spill that has been observed on the scene.

USCG: Waste Reception Facilities on fishing ports

In the last post of USCG’s series on Waste Reception Facility regulatory requirements, the Facility Safety Branch staff discusses how MARPOL 73/78 governing waste reception facilities applies to the three different categories of commercial fishing ports.

USCG: Waste reception facilities on waivers and alternatives

In the third part of USCG’s review on Waste Reception Facility regulatory requirements, the Facility Safety Branch staff tend its focus on waivers and alternatives which allow ports/terminals and the Captains of the Port to identify alternative means in order to follow the intent of MARPOL 73/78.

1 dead, 2 missing after tanker’s collision with fishing vessel

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, two fishermen reported to be missing after the collision of the fishing vessel “Pappy’s Pride” with the chemical tanker vessel “Bow Fortune”, close to the Galveston jetties in Galveston, Texas. Due to the collision, the fishing vessel capsized, while at the moment the Coast Guard is searching for the two lost fishermen.

USCG: Certificates of Adequacy for waste reception facilities

As part of its review on the US implementation of the port reception facility aspects of MARPOL, USCG provides clarification on some of the regulatory requirements found in 33 CFR 158, focusing today on the proper documentation of Certificates of Adequacy.


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