AMSA alerts on risks posed by marine fauna

AMSA issued a safety alert aims to raise awareness on the risks posed by dangerous marine fauna. Australian waters contain a range of dangerous fauna that secrete toxins, inject venom, release or contain poison, harbour dangerous bacteria, give electric shocks or just have sharp teeth. Some can become aggressive once disturbed.

AMSA: Retain garbage onboard and dispose of onshore

AMSA has circulated a sticker aiming to urge crews and passengers onboard ships to responsibly separate their garbage onboard so that each type of waste can be recycled or disposed of appropriately onshore. 

Coronavirus affects seafarer working conditions

AMSA informs that travel restrictions and quarantine measures which have been implemented worldwide to help limit the spread of COVID-19 are beginning to impact seafarer working conditions.

AMSA issues guidelines on fatigue

Fatigue has been a much discussed issue linked to the nature of seafaring, which can have serious consequences not only for the safety and health of seafarers, but even operational safety and the marine environment. In this regard, AMSA issued guidelines to address fatigue for Australian and foreign flagged vessels. 

AMSA updates requirements for passenger safety

In response to recent fatal and serious incidents involving missing passengers, AMSA has clarified and strengthened requirements for monitoring and counting passengers and managing missing passenger situations, in order to improve overall passenger safety.

11 serious maritime incidents in January, AMSA reports

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority reports that in January they received 52 incidents involving domestic commercial vessels, out of which 11 were serious. The Authority highlights that reporting incidents is a crucial part in guiding the way they improve maritime safety in Australian waters.

AMSA to boost fishing operations’ safety

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority recently announced its collaboration with the industry education which aims to advance the safety of commercial fishing operations at the Far North Queensland’s remote areas.


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