Handbook for mariners operating in Australian waters

The Mariner’s Handbook for Australian Waters (AHP20), launched by the Australian Hydrographic Office, provides information that helps vessels operate safely and according to the relevant maritime rules and regulations covering operations in Australian waters, as well as providing advice on emergency contacts and where additional information may be found to meet particular circumstances.

AMSA: How to achieve a safe-vessel access

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority issued its maritime safety awareness issue 10 focusing on safety access onboard a vessel, as unsafe gangways or accommodation ladders needs the proper safety measures to avoid any accident. 

AMSA detains Chinese bulk carrier owing crew $8.000 each

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority detained a Chinese-owned bulk carrier charted to transmit coal to Korea, at the port of Gladstone, as its crew members reported of tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. 

AMSA: Kapok-filled jackets should be replaced and destroyed

AMSA issued a safety alert to raise awareness of the risks associated with the use of out of date, kapok-filled lifejackets. Kapok filled lifejackets with cotton straps are decades old and have not been manufactured since the 1980s. However, an unknown number are still being used.

Fishing for safety video: Why SMS is important in fishery

AMSA released ‘Fishing for Safety: Creating a Safety Management System’, a 16-minute video showing easy to understand steps, real-world stories and experiences of why an effective safety management system (SMS) is essential when working in the fishing industry.

AMSA reviews the development of standards for domestic commercial vessels

To ensure standards are fit for purpose for the domestic industry, the Australian Maritime Authority (AMSA) is reviewing its approach to setting standards. For this reason, in August 2019, AMSA will be consulting with individual stakeholders, focusing on those who have regular, direct interaction with the technical standards.

AMSA launches survey on fatigue for seafarers on domestic commercial vessels

AMSA launched the ‘Fatigue Survey – Domestic Commercial Vessels’ focusing on the importance of seafarers’ wellbeing when onboard. The survey aims to get an insight into how seafarers cope with fatigue in order to develop specific guidance, while also encourage safe management practices.  

Watch: AMSA rescues 24 seafarers, fishing vessel on fire

AMSA reports that on July 16, Tuesday, received an alert from the Japanese Coast Guard, according to which the Myojin Maru No. 8, was in distress after a fire broke out onboard. According to reports, the 24 crewmembers onboard were abandoning the vessel into lifeboats.


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