During the ninth edition of Shipping and the Law, the annual congress of ship owners, Italian ship owners reaffirmed their intention to follow a sustainable future.


Speaking on the occasion, Emanuele Grimaldi, vice president of ICS noted that along with IMO they are working to limit emissions by half until 2050. By then maritime traffic will double, so emissions should only be a quarter of the current ones.

In addition, Lower House Speaker Roberto Fico said that the blue economy is crucial, but there are many difficulties that need to be addressed, such as ship recycling, employment and salaries issues.

Thus, the shipping industry has to be a key part of the South, especially considering the fact that maritime companies have increased by 8%. What is interesting as well is the fact that ten companies of the blue economy out of 100 are led by managers under 35 years old, 20 in 100 by women and six in 100 by foreigners, Mr. Fico concluded.