ICS: The role of maritime trade in post-COVID-19 recovery

Shipping has weathered the storm amid the rise in nationalism and protectionist policies around the world, was the key message of speakers at the latest ICS Leadership Insights series, discussing the importance of maritime trade in the post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

ICS: Cut of restrictive maritime trade policies could help boost GDP

ICS has commissioned this Study on ‘Protectionism in Maritime Economies’ to provide an assessment of those protectionist/restrictive trade policies and measures that are currently being implemented by governments worldwide, which may be preventing national economies from reaping the full benefits of having access to efficient maritime transport services.

ICS to join the official business community engagement forum for the G20

In an industry first, ICS selected as network partner for taskforces on trade, energy, and finance & infrastructure  to highlight the key role of shipping in global trade and the need to end ‘crew change crisis’. Namely, in the upcoming 2021 ‘ Business Twenty’ (B20), ICS has been selected as a network partner in which it will also present a report outlining the benefits of ending protectionism in maritime economies. 

ICS Flag State Performance Table 2020-2021

ICS has published the latest Flag State Performance Table for 2020-2021 which finds that many of the largest flag states – including the Marshall Islands, Hong Kong (China), Singapore as well as the Bahamas and Cyprus– continue to perform to an exceptionally high standard, with traditional flags and open registers performing equally well.

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