In late 2018, during a meeting of the EU-funded SAFEMED IV project in Jordan, the IMO-administered pollution emergency response centre in the Mediterranean (REMPEC) has agreed to coordinate its 2019 technical assistance activities with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), to achieve a more sustainable shipping in the region.

As presented in the infographi above, the project provides technical assistance to nine southern and eastern Mediterranean countries and territories:

  1. lgeria
  2. Egypt
  3. Israel
  4. Jordan
  5. Lebanon
  6. Libya
  7. Morocco
  8. Tunisia
  9. Palestine

The project consists of 207 participants, 14 training courses, and 144 rulechecks. Also, in 2018, 225 possible oil spills were detected, whereas 704 cleanset images were delivered.

Concluding, in June, EMSA reinstated its support with more focused actions in this sense to the respective beneficiary countries of the SAFEMED IV project, including support for the ratification of MAPROL Annex VI.