Three key organizations ask for urgent action on crew changes

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Labour Organization (ILO) issued a joint statement advising that from the middle of June 2020 about 150,000 seafarers a month will require international flights to ensure crew changeovers can take place.

LNG Bunkering vessels and barges: Where we stand

Following a greener path, the shipping industry is constantly searching for alternative fuels that will be in line with the environmental regulations, with LNG currently seeing a high demand.

China extends IMO BWM Convention to Hong Kong

Following China’s extension of the treaty to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, ships flagged to Hong Kong will now be required to apply the requirements of the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM).  

IMCA urges to facilitate offshore workers movement

Amid COVID-19 situation, the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) urges IMO to support its recommendation for Governments concerning the movement of offshore personnel during the pandemic. 

IMO addresses the importance of PPE during COVID-19

The matter of protective personal equipment (PPE) has been at the spotlight due to the spike of the COVID-19 crisis, with key stakeholders, along with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) highlighting the importance of all personnel being protected.

Overview of IMO postponed meetings due to COVID-19

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, IMO has postponed several of its future meetings, in order to be in line with the World Health Organization and the UK Government guidance concerning planning and hosting.

12-step plan launched to free seafarers

To help governments establish coordinated procedures to facilitate the safe movement of seafarers, IMO issued a 12-step plan to 174 member states, providing them with a roadmap to free seafarers from their COVID-19 lockdown.

IMO: Crew changeovers urgent for support of safe flow of commerce by sea

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) stressed the importance of crew change overs in order for trade flow to continue, despite the challenges arising by the COVID-19 crisis. During a virtual IMO-industry meeting hosted by IMO, April 30, Kitack Lim, IMO Secretary General, highlighted their appreciation for seafarers working on the front line to keep trade of essential goods flowing during the pandemic.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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