The correspondent’s circular refers to a seven page non-exhaustive list of “Detainable Deficiencies frequently found by the Gabonese PSC officers during PSC Inspections” issued by the Gabonese Merchant Navy.

According to Gabonese customs, inward/outward port clearance must mention:

  • the name of the vessel and that of the master,
  • the name of the previous port (for inward clearance) and the name of port of destination (for outward clearance) and the name of the Gabonese port if the vessel is in transit and to load further cargo,
  • the date of issuance of the clearance and the date of departure of the vessel,
  • the quantity loaded or discharged,
  • the flag,
  • the signature and stamp of the Customs services.
  • Also, clearance document must be free of any alteration.

All class, official and other documents/certificates must be valid/in date and must be originals (copies are not accepted). All Admiralty charts and other publications must be up-to-dated etc. Safety equipment must be serviceable and tested before arrival.

In order to avoid fines and potential detention of the vessel, with associated “exceptional inspection” fees of USD 3,000 (notice of which is given here) and other costs which may be required in order to release the vessel, Members proceeding to any ports in Gabon should ensure the matters in the Deficiencies List are addressed so far as possible.

The Correspondent also recommends ensuring that original documents/certificates are up to date, and to provide all necessary information for inward/outward port and customs clearance.