The four terms explained are:

  1. Spoofing: It is an attacking action that bypasses access control by accessing the system as if it is an authorized user or by pretending to be an authorized address on the network. For example, by arbitrarily configuring a Web site to induce general users to visit, obtain system privileges of a user using a structural defect of TCP / IP, which is an Internet protocol, and then extract information or log in using an authorized IP.
  2. Spear phishing: It refers to a phishing attack targeting specific individuals or companies. In order to increase the attack success rate in advance, the attacker collects information about the attack target and analyzes it to perform a phishing attack.
  3. Social engineering attack: It means to secure access rights to systems, data, and buildings by exploiting human psychology instead of a technical hacking technique to steal into the system.
  4. ACL(Access Control List): An access control list is a permission list applied to an object or an object property. This list specifies who gets access to the object and what actions are allowed to be performed on the object.