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Cyber Security(5)

How a phishing penetration test revealed lack of awareness

Seafarers play an important role onboard a vessel, sometimes being vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hence, GTMaritime launched a phishing penetration test which companies can use and determine whether their crew is capable of dealing with a cyber attack.

Social engineering and how it happens

In its August edition of Phish and Ships, Be Cyber Aware at Sea discusses the dangers of social engineering and the way it manipulates individuals into acquiring personal information that will be used for fraudulent purposes; otherwise known as hacking the human.

Lessons learned after three ‘famous’ cyber attacks

In its July issue of Phish and Ships, Be Cyber Aware at Sea comments on lessons learned after major cyber attacks the industry faced from COSCO’s attack to Maersk’s. The cyber attack Norsk Hydro experienced is a clear example that the shipping industry has a long way to go, as it forced the company to shutdown production in several plants and cost them USD 50 million.

Four cyber terms explained

The Korean Register of Shipping presents four cyber terms and provides an explanation, aiming to provide an insight to Internet users and companies to better understand the dangers of the cyber-world and be protected.

New cyber security campaign launched

The Port of Amsterdam acquires a cyber security program in order to keep companies and entrepreneurs in the North Sea Canal Area informed of possible cyber attacks. The Port updates its cyber security program, following the online publicity campaign being conducted by the Government of the Netherlands to call on people to better protect themselves against internet crime.


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