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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries takes part in Charter of Trust for Cybersecurity

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. signed a Cooperation Agreement to take part in the Charter of Trust on Cybersecurity. This agreement comes after the signing of the LOI on February 19. This makes MHI the first Asian member company as the 17th partner in the Global Cyber Security Initiative. The Charter of Trust was  announced at the Munich Security Conference in 2018, launched by Siemens.

MPA Singapore, Wärtsilä collaborate to improve digitalization at the port

As the Port of Singapore’s ambitions continue to become clearer with the construction of Tuas Mega-Terminal, a combination of technologies and innovations will increase the efficiency and safety of operations at the world’s busiest container transhipment hub. Wärtsilä responded to this by opening up a Wärtsilä Acceleration Centre.

Russian GPS spoofing threatens safety of navigation, report says

C4ADS, a non-profit analytic group, launched a report according to which Russia is spoofing GPS signals. After a year of research ‘Above Us Only Stars – Exposing GPS spoofing in Russia and Syria’ report highlights that the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) attacks are emerging as a disruptive and strategic threat.

Supply chain attacks worsen with arrival of new malware

In April’s edition of Phish and Ships, cyber attacks are on the spotlight. Although they are devastating, they are sophisticated and ShadowHammer is here to prove it. Gideon Lenkey, President of Ra Security Systems Inc and Epsco-Ra Maritime Cyber Security, focuses on the importance of cyber security.

ABS, Mission Secure to leverage data for real-time monitoring and cyber defence

ABS announced a partnership with Mission Secure to provide cyber protection. Based on the FCI Cyber Risk Methodology, the incorporation of the MSi platform aims to provide ABS with better cyber defence of industrial control systems that operate modern vessels and offshore platforms. FCI Cyber Risk Methodology provides a way to count and quantify risk.

Two HK Shipping lines hacked

Cyber security is a crucial matter nowadays, as the shipping companies that are being attacked or even hacked seem to be increasing. Specifically, Hong Kong shipping lines passwords were hacked easily from an everyday browsing.

Norsk Hydro lost about $35-40 million after cyber attack

Norwegian renewable energy company Norsk Hydro said it continues to progress towards normal operations, following the cyber attack that disrupted its operations in March. The preliminary estimated financial impact for the first full week following the cyber attack is around NOK 300-350 million.

ClassNK launches its cyber security approach

ClassNK launched its ClassNK Cyber Security Approach which focuses on a basic approach to ensure onboard cyber security for ships. The response was compiled to assist stakeholders take appropriate measures to ensure the vessel’s safety and is based on trends in international institutions and maritime bodies.

Infographic: OT system penetration test to manage cyber attacks

Cyber attacks seem to be a common phenomenon nowadays, as more and more companies experience cyber threat incidents. Therefore, Louis Hur, CEO at NSHC & Shield Consulting co., Ltd. focused on the importance of Operating Technology system penetration test for the maritime industry.  


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