Along with the reveal of the European Green Deal, which Ursula von der Leyen announced on the sidelines of the UN Climate Conference (COP 25) underway in Madrid, it was announced that in March 2020 the Commission will propose the first-ever European Climate Law to make the transition to climate neutrality irreversible.

In light of the announcements, ECSA welcomes the decisions made and the Deal, with Martin Dorsman, ECSA's Secretary-General commenting that

It is an ambitious plan that Europe will carry out to bring to the table the much-needed leadership in this global climate emergency.

Mr Dorsman continued that through innovation and deployment, the EU will show to the rest of the world that shipping is highly competitive when it comes to decarbonization and zero-emission targets.

The biggest challenge facing the industry is the development and global availability of alternative and innovative green technologies and carbon-neutral fuels and energy sources. The pledge in the proposal to ramp up the production and deployment of such fuels and the necessary infrastructure is very much welcomed by the industry

... Mr Dorsman notes.

Moreover, it is stated that the industry is aware of the recognition by the EU that shipping is a low-carbon mode of transport, as the proposal promotes a model shift in Europe from road to waterborne transport, including short sea shipping.

Concluding, he added that the changes have to be radical to achieve a smart and safe zero-emission sector, from fuels producers to the crew on board.

European shipping is ready to work with the European Commission and the European Parliament, together with our maritime partners, to turn the goals of the European Green Deal into reality.